Bullclip: A fresh web experience

Rowan Matz on

Today, we’re excited to share a fresh look in Bullclip, and this update is so much more than just the introduction of a new design.

We are laying a foundation for a number of significant new feature releases in the coming weeks and months.

You will notice that as part of this update a few important elements have moved to new locations. All of your most frequently used features are still there for you to use; we just rejuvenated and refined the interface to give you the best possible experience.

In a nutshell, the whole web application now includes a sleeker dark theme to ensure your important project contents are always in full focus. Every page has been stripped back of unnecessary information to keep Bullclip clean and easy to use.

Cleaner Projects view

The Projects page is where all projects begin and end, so it is vital that this page is as clear and as predictable as possible. To help with this we have widened the tiles and added counters so you can quickly view a summary of your key project contents.

In addition, all project administration tools (edit, export, leave and delete projects) have shifted from the now-retired Overview page to a new more icon in the top right corner of the project card.

Updated lists

Navigating long lists of documents should be as simple and natural as marking up a drawing in the canvas. With the new DrawingDocumentTeam and Issues list design, this seamless experience is universal throughout the whole application.

The page controls, search bar and selection check boxes have moved around the screen, and the whole selection experience has been improved.

Slick new canvas

The markup canvas is where all your work gets done, so it’s imperative that the canvas experience is world-class.

This update introduces a sleek dark theme to the canvas page. Some key functionality has also moved out of the way in order to bring your project drawings and documents into full focus.

Be sure to check out all of the new keyboard shortcuts by opening the new shortcut guide in the bottom left corner of your drawing canvas. These shortcuts will dramatically enhance your markup experience with a keyboard and mouse.

Powerful new features

On top of a fresh design, we are excited to share some new functionality to help you get your work done seamlessly. Be sure to dive into the web application and try:

  • Exporting your DrawingsDocumentsIssues and Team lists to .CSV files. Perfect for sharing a log of all your drawings or a register of all issues across the project.
  • View pending invites in the Team list. See who you have already invited to a project and who is yet to accept your invitations.
  • Quickly search existing tags when adding new tags to drawings and filtering your lists. While this may seem small, having quick access to existing tags is incredibly convenient when deciding what tags to add to a drawing, or when searching for a set of drawings and you can’t remember which tag to look for.

There is so much more in store for 2019 and this redesign is just the start of an exciting year of making design communication easier for everyone.

Rowan Matz | Head of Product

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