Drawboard Projects & Hassell: A Case Study

Scott Cooper on

Hassell uses Drawboard Projects, formerly Bullclip, to coordinate design review across more than 70 designers, spanning multiple global offices and hundreds of drawings.

Hassell is a leading international design practice with studios in Australia, China, South East Asia, the United Kingdom and the United States of America, and have a vision to design the world’s best places – places people love. 

Working  across a broad range of scales, from the interior design of a boutique retail store through to major public architecture and strategic urban planning for cities, Hassell have a global team consisting of architects, interior designers, landscape architects, urban designers, planners and specialist consultants. 

Creating more meaningful experiences for people is at the core of how Hassell operates, so being able to support the same values within their own team through fostering a culture of collaboration was an important step in their journey. 

The Problem

With team members working together on projects from all corners of the globe, finding a solution that would allow Hassell to not only collaborate, but reduce the time involved to review and provide feedback, was their top priority. 

“Our ideas don’t come from any one person, it’s focussed on collaborative design where everyone has a say. A successful team designs with others in mind and works together. It’s making sure everyone is involved in the process, and not just working in a siloed environment.”  

Harvey Vincent, Principal at Hassell. 

Using Drawboard Projects, the Hassell team can review drawings, while simultaneously acting on the markups to create a more efficient design process without compromising on quality. 

Higher quality output through efficient collaboration

Having a large team consisting of very diverse roles, another element that has been critical for the success of projects at Hassell has been ensuring they had a tool that was able to be utilized at a high level by team members from Graduates all the way through to Company Directors. 

Team within Hassell can have slightly different use cases for Drawboard Projects, and making sure that all of the pieces of the design puzzle come together is important. 

Graduate Architect Anya Lee is on the front line when it comes to coordinating review and making updates to drawings. For Anya, Drawboard Projects has really sped up the review process. 

“We put everything up on Drawboard Projects, multiple people review it, and then we start making those changes. Sometimes we will even have people reviewing a set of drawings, while the team will be coming through and making the updates requested a couple of drawings behind them. And that works really well.” 

Sometimes our reviewers are in other offices, or overseas, and this makes it really easy to get their input. It means they are still very present in the design process, and they can look at it and give us real time information back. That’s really important to us.”  

Anya Lee, Graduate Architect at Hassell

In the past, getting your best team members onto global projects was challenging due to the time involved in coordinating reviews and design updates. Now that the collaboration barrier has been significantly reduced, Hassell can provide a higher quality service to all of their clients.

“We are doing reviews across 5 significant and complex buildings, with 200 to 300 drawings across a larger construction project, spread across 70 architects and designers.“  

Harvey Vincent, Principal at Hassell. 

Bringing the team together

The benefits of using Drawboard are felt across the entire Hassell organization. As Harvey Vincent tells us, it’s an enjoyable experience to use Projects, and enables the team to perform at their peak.

“The people that benefit the most from Drawboard Projects aren’t the reviewers, it’s the team. They enjoy using the software. They also enjoy that they are getting immediate feedback on the work that they’ve done.”  

Harvey Vincent, Principal at Hassell. 

As someone who plays a key role in the review and revision process at Hassell, Anya tells us about the importance of the role that software such as Drawboard Projects plays to the team. 

 “What ties Drawboard Projects and Hassell together is the idea of a big, collaborative drawboard. We can all still stand around and discuss things without actually standing around. We can do that from wherever we are, at whatever stage of the project we are at, and that’s really important.”

Drawboard Projects brings handwritten markup to a cloud based team platform accessible on Windows 10, any web browser and iOS. Project teams can see everyone’s markups and annotations in real-time on any PDF drawing or document, wherever they are in the world.

Projects is powered by a document management system that is the first of its kind, eliminating the need to print, deal with version control problems, and use disparate systems for markup control.