VectorView™ - Smart PDF Rendering

We've taken the time to build the best quality document viewer that works as fast as you do. Bullclip’s proprietary VectorView technology optimizes documents based on where you are focusing at any given time. No more will you have to wait until a document is downloaded and rendered in full.

Complex plans, rendered in seconds

Bullclip’s proprietary rendering technology takes the load off your large plans and renders only the sections of the plans that you are using, based on your zoom level and area of focus. We take care of the heavy lifting - those long upload, download and rendering wait times are no longer an issue with Bullclip.

Real-time markups

Whether marking up documents from across the room or remotely from across the country, Bullclip allows the team to see your changes as they happen.

Layer management

Draw directly to the public layer, or work on a private layer for as long as you like, online or offline, publishing to the public layer when you are ready. Toggle user-specific layers, allowing your team to detect conflicts faster.

Annotate & Markup

Our focus is ink. Our priority is a natural experience which maintains the ease and precision of pen and paper. On top of ink, Bullclip hosts the markup tools that you need, with more coming soon. Add your favorite tools to a toolbox to keep all of your most used tools at hand.

Precise inking

Bullclip allows you to finally get that real pen-and-paper experience on your tablet. The inking technology that Drawboard employs in Bullclip and Drawboard PDF is free flowing, pressure sensitive and pixel precise.

Extensive markup tools

Shapes, cloudy tool, pens, arrows. Less time fiddling around with menus and more time getting things done. Bullclip is host to a wide array of customizable tools right at your fingertips.

Tool Bar

Add your favorite tool customizations to the tool bar. Radial menu alternative coming soon!

Hotspots & Issues

Coming Soon

Add valuable data right onto your drawings in the form of Hotspots. Add photos, checklists and document links. Eliminate delays on the resolution of issues and RFIs by communicating directly within hotspots. It’s never been easier to get rapid feedback, instant contextual understanding and resolution to issues.


Add context to a particular point on a drawing with a dynamic hotspot. Create discussion, add photos, post links and set statuses right in context, carrying unresolved hotspots between drawing revisions.


Assign a person or a due date to a hotspot to turn it into an actionable issue that requires resolution. Stay in touch with an active issues list so that nothing slips through the cracks by mistake.

Carry across revisions

Hotspots still active or Issues unresolved will carry over to new revisions of a drawing or document, making sure nothing gets lost in the fray.

In-App Communication

Coming Soon

Real-time communication should be possible on any drawing, document or hotspot, so we made it so. View entire activity timelines on project, drawing or hotspot levels, and receive notifications based on @mentions or activity criteria that matter to you the most.

Activity Feed

Interact with anyone on your project within activity feeds on every project, drawing, document, hotspot or issue. Get answers quickly, and see updates as they happen.


Need to get @Lara’s attention in the Singapore office? @mention her in any activity feed to get her attention and cut through the clutter.


Choose to subscribe to items and projects, and get notified when certain activity occurs or someone @mentions you specifically. Only spend time focusing on what is relevant to you.

Document management

If you like a well-ordered folder structure, then you’ll love Bullclip’s navigation system. Streamline drawing uploads with OCR title information, and add custom tags for easy discoverability. Manage unlimited active and archived projects, all whilst maintaining project and drawing-level security.

Automation with Optical Character Recognition

Expedite the document upload process by setting standard OCR regions on your plans to fill metadata and title information.

Tagged Search

Find exactly what you need in seconds with the tag search filter. Tag any item in Bullclip to ensure anyone finds what they need with ease.


Built for Windows® 10, Bullclip applications make the most of Windows® 10 navigation conventions. Bullclip’s intuitive navigation and search functionality will never leave you thinking “Where did I put that?” again.

Secure document storage

Add team members with project-level permissions, and collaborate on documents all stored in enterprise-grade cloud storage from Microsoft Azure. Secure file sharing and permission restrictions ensure that your documents only go where they need to.

Permission Levels

As a Project Owner, set your users to Administrator, Collaborator or Reader privileges, and give controlled access for each user to your valuable project documents.

Secure file sharing

Bring external parties into the Bullclip environment by inviting them to your projects as a Reader without needing to purchase any additional licenses. Documents are only viewable within Bullclip, so you don’t need to worry about stray files or misplaced markups again.

Secure document storage

Bullclip stores project data securely using Microsoft technology, providing high reliability and best-in-class data security.

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