Head of Marketing

The Role

We are on the hunt for a Head of Marketing who is highly competitive, and data-driven. Drawboard is a ~35 person team mostly consisting of technical members, so you’ll be leading a small, but growing sales team, reporting to the CEO. This will involve everything marketing related, and also working closely with the sales team. You will be well supported by the CEO and other members.

Drawboard has historically been more sales than marketing, however we are looking to balance this out, and even have marketing lead our GTM strategy. As Drawboard has millions of users that forms the top of our GTM product funnel, we will place a heavy emphasis on data, and number savvy candidates.

Drawboard has two products - Drawboard PDF (more b2c) and Drawboard Projects (more b2b). Each will require different marketing approaches.

Your role for Drawboard PDF will centre around content marketing and community building- designing and executing our content strategy. You’ll be able to build blog pages and landing pages. You’ll lead our social media, video (YouTube), blog content and accompanying SEO strategies. You’ll need to experiment and identify paid marketing channels that are scalable. You will have a “growth hacker’s” mindset. We have a number of under-optimised growth channels with high ROI steps identified by the right person. As we have a user base in the hundreds of thousands, and new users per day in the thousands, you’ll need to very experienced with numbers and analytics (you’ll need to demonstrate this during recruitment).

Your role for Drawboard Projects will be similar to Drawboard PDF, however, you’ll need to assist our sales team in lead generation in a b2b context, whilst also optimising our product funnel from Drawboard PDF to Drawboard Projects, as part of a Product-Led-Growth strategy.

Required experience

  • 5+ years experience in digital marketing for software (preferably SaaS), showing both individual contributor success and management (training, ops and recruitment) success. If you haven’t marketed tech/software before, please do not apply
  • Demonstrated experience with strong reporting skills - reporting weekly, monthly and quarterly to the broader sales team and management/board
  • You’ll need to be comfortable getting your hands dirty understanding user bases through analytics platforms (we use Amplitude)
  • Demonstrated experience with content marketing and community building
  • We require that you are excellent with software, both understanding how SaaS software works and using software to carry out your work - being able to work with Google Sheets, CRM, and other SaaS software with speed.
  • Knowledge of engineering & design industries isn’t required but will be considered favourably (you will need to learn about these industries if you have no experience)
  • Experience working with software product management teams, email lifecycle and marketing experience
  • App marketing experience a bonus

What's the next steps

  • Check out our products. You can try them here
  • Send us an email outlining why you like our product and why creating a world that works without paper is important to you.
  • Add your CV and Resume