Senior Analytics Engineer

The Role

You will own Drawboard's data & analytics end to end for Product, UX, Marketing and Finance agendas

Drawboard requires an experienced data and analytics professional to develop a stable, reliable system that produces clean data so that it can be used for decision making.

Experience in either growth/product marketing, product management or UX is a big plus

What does your day-to-day look like

The main tasks involve working with various teams

Product team

  • Drawboard PDF attracts thousands of new users each day, and maintains a monthly user base in the hundreds of thousands. It’s a very diverse user base ranging from general audiences to very specific segments
  • You will need to apply your data skills to determine segments of users based on user properties, events and other analytics to classify our user base into meaningful groups
  • You will need to own the funnel metrics for the lifetime of a user, from a new installation all the way through to a subscribed and happy user. Together with the product team, you will need to help determine how this can be optimised as a small change in retention in our many thousands of new users can produce big changes to business success
  • Help our product team determine what the product’s key value proposition to the various segments of our user base are
  • Help determine the best north star metrics relevant to Drawboard
  • Create and maintain product metrics for our company internal dashboard

Sales & Marketing

  • Design trigger based email and in-app communications
  • Help design weekly//monthly lead lists for our sales team to engage for upsells based on user behaviour


  • Help our finance team determine CAC and LTV to ensure we’re pricing correctly, what acceptable product decisions influence our retention and churn balance and how to optimise our sales & marketing spend


  • have demonstrated knowledge in all elements of data & analytics setup including web analytics, ETL/ELT, Databases, Data Visualisation
  • have at least basic data engineering skills in SQL, R, Python or similar. You will need to be able to work independently and source data with minimal assistance from our engineering team.
  • Be hands on and pragmatic. You will be joining Drawboard as its first wholly responsible for all data tasks. We understand you won’t be an expert in everything data related, but we need someone willing to do their best trying new things and managing multiple tasks at once
  • be business savvy, and needs to show a hunger for understanding the business, products and strategy. If you aren’t able to be proactive and understand the businesses goals and business mechanics, you are unlikely to be successful as you will need to be able to fill the gaps, where they exist, of interpretation of what the business needs from its data

What's the next steps

  • Check out our products. You can try them here
  • Send us an email outlining why you like our product and why creating a world that works without paper is important to you.
  • Add your CV and Resume