Drawboard Projects

Drawboard Projects

markup for
design engineers

Review and mark up your drawings in one system.
Share your changes instantly and keep
the entire team in sync.

Drawboard Projects is a markup management platform.

Upload PDF drawings and documents, add markups from anywhere, automatically sync changes with the team.

Squad checks, detailed design reviews and cross-team collaboration never need to be clunky again.

Live PDFs - see redlines appear in real-time across your team members.

Filter annotations by toggling layers on and off—simple.

Manage your PDFs with version control and document management

Eliminate time inefficiencies with Drawboard Projects.

"We collaborate more, we're saving paper. The beauty of Bullclip is that we don't have to change our process. The team has really embraced it, and people are actually really excited about using it. You can't go back now. You really can't."

Watch to see how AECOM is using Drawboard Projects (formerly Bullclip) in their design review and squad check process.

Spend less time on design coordination, more time winning work.

Effortlessly redline and manage markups

Drawboard Projects' digital ink and markup tools make it feel just like pen and paper. Mark up straight to your public layer, or push from your draft layer. Toggle your team’s markup layers on and off for ease of visibility.

Designed for the whole team, wherever they are

With unlimited number of projects and second-to-none PDF rendering, you can work faster and stay up to date on more documents than ever before.

Get started in your web browser

Get it for your PC or Surface

Get it for your iPad or iPhone

Live markups for fast communication

Drawboard Projects markups appear in real-time across the world. Say goodbye to screen sharing and time consuming meeting setup.

Annotate in Drawboard Projects on a drawing or document, and everyone on the project has access to your PDF markups immediately. Simple and efficient.

Design review has never been easier and more collaborative

How many hours do you spend in design review? Drawboard Projects is allowing engineers and engineering teams around the world work smarter and faster with connected design review.

Work smarter, not harder.

It is time to work as a team.