Drawboard Projects

Drawboard Projects is your team's virtual workspace for PDF markup

As teams find themselves more remote than usual amidst COVID-19, we are offering Drawboard Projects free for three months.

Drawboard Projects allows your remote team to communicate on PDFs as if you were in the same room.

Available until 26 June 2020, to new customers only.

Three months free Drawboard Projects

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Easier design communication
for architecture and
engineering teams.

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Join award-winning teams using Drawboard Projects

Move faster with Drawboard Projects

"The beauty of Bullclip is that we don't have to change our process. The team has really embraced it, and people are actually really excited about using it. You can't go back now."

Always up to date

View and annotate without the fear of working from a previous revision.

Live meetings

Allow multiple people to mark up documents in real-time, asynchronously.

Contextual feedback

Pin a comment or issue to a specific area on a document to provide context.

Easier than pen and paper

Drawboard Projects' digital ink and markup tools make it feel just like pen and paper. Mark up straight to your public layer, or push from your draft layer. Toggle your team’s markup layers on and off for ease of visibility.

Designed for the whole team, wherever they are

With unlimited number of projects and Guest Access for partners, you can work faster and stay up to date on more documents than ever before.

Live markups for fast communication

Say goodbye to screen sharing and emailed meeting notes. Annotate in Drawboard Projects on any PDF, and everyone on the project has access to your markups immediately. Simple and efficient.

One central place for PDF review

Mark up your drawings, assign issues and discusss changes instantly with the rest of your team.

Drawboard Projects is easy to implement and use. No check-in, check-out, no coordination.

Watch to see how HASSELL has empowered their designers and architects with Drawboard Projects →