Drawboard Projects

I am looking for Bullclip - where is it?

On the 19th of May 2020, we renamed Bullclip to Drawboard Projects. Nothing's changed except the name!

I have questions about how to use the application - where do I find help?

The best information about using Drawboard Projects will be in our Help Center. If you cannot find what you need, please click Submit a Request at the top right of the Help Center.

How do I get in contact to report bugs in Drawboard Projects or to give suggestions to make it better?

Please reach out to us through Submit a Request in our Help Center submit your bug reports or feature requests.

Can I use the same account to log in on the web app, the iOS app and the Windows 10 app?

Yes! Whilst the features you see on each of these may differ because of relevance, your account is universal to all Drawboard Projects applications!

What's the difference between the Windows 10 app, iOS app and the web app?

Most of your markup work will be done with the Windows 10 and iOS applications, especially when it comes to digital ink. The web application is more geared towards a project management or administrative function, where you can manage projects, billing preferences and user permissions. You can still mark up drawings and documents in the web app as well!

Can I mark up in the web app?

You bet! And if you just want to share a read-only version with someone, they don't even need to be a Drawboard Projects subscriber.

What are the available permission levels for projects?

Users can be assigned one of four permission levels for a project; Owner, Administrator, Collaborator or Reader. You can invite as many Readers as you'd like to a project for free, but all other permission levels require paid accounts. For detailed information on permission levels, head over to the Drawboard Projects documentation.

How do I invite non-Drawboard Projects users to review my drawings?

As a project Owner or Administrator, you can invite external partners as Guests with either Collaborator or Reader permissions. These Guests will receive an email to review your project files for a limited time. Learn more here.