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Pressure-sensitive ink

Write your notes and feel the tactility of a pen pressed to paper.

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Save your place to review or refer to at a later date.

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Text review tools

Highlight, underline, squiggly or strikethrough to your heart’s content.

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Insert objects

Rectangles, elipses , clouds, polylines, arrows images, callouts - always within arms reach.

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Save as you need

Flatten, reduce file size, export annotated pages.

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Upload your annotated PDFs to the cloud and mark up with others in real-time.

Best-in-class ink

Drawboard PDF has deep integration for top-tier inking and works flawlessly with active styluses like the Surface Pen and Apple Pencil.

The end result? An app that feels like pen and paper - with an unmatched hand-feel.

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Creating a world that works without paper

We are a PDF and collaboration company. We believe that creating more effective connections between people reduces waste.

Our best work has been overtaken by busywork. That’s why we’ve created ways to help people get back to working wonders without any paper in sight.

Drawboard PDF lets you mark up and share with ease, and Drawboard Projects brings collaborative design review to architecture and engineering teams.

At Drawboard, we work our magic so you can get back to working yours.