All markups, tracked and coordinated.
Upload from Revit Send sheets for review without leaving Revit.

One live workspace for all project markups.

In Drawboard Projects, all internal contributors and limited-access guests mark up the same drawings or documents.

Save valuable project time

By marking up in the same place as everyone else.


Drawboard Projects instantly syncs all markups and communication on every revision, speeding up your process and giving you your coordination time back.

Assign issues to be resolved

Pin issues to particular places on drawings and assign responsibility for closeout to team members.


Keep discussion right on the drawing so that anyone can see full context of decisions that were made.

Organization Management Features for better project outcomes.

Crystal clear birds-eye-view of all your organizations projects

Easily assign the right projects to the right people

Easy-to-use admin portal for better governance

Instantaneous feedback, seamless coordination.

Drawboard Projects is the missing piece in the design review lifecycle.

Highly complex projects with Hassell

Hassell uses Drawboard Projects (formerly Bullclip) across 70 architects and designers, across multiple locations and hundreds of drawings.

Coordinate your next project with Drawboard Projects