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Drawboard PDF MSIX
"A program that has everything I could want"
"Excellent apps! It helps me read documents and give comments a lot faster than before. Easy to use also. Many thanks!"
"Very good free app for looking at pdfs. has all tools easy to use and easy to learn. best app 10/10 would recommend to friends"
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Microsoft Store, Sep 2021
"Best pdf software I've ever used!"
"Best application I've used to take notes in college by far."
"Perfect for not taking, studying, reading, modification, business.... the functionality is amazing."

All the tools, none of the fuss


All the shapes, pens and text review tools you need to express yourself.


Notes, textboxes, callouts, signatures, images and more.


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Set page calibrations per page and measure to scale.


Add your most-used configurations to the favorites bar and dock it anywhere on your screen.

Powerful tools at your fingertips

Along with more Drawboard PDF Storage, get access to a professional set of tools to enhance your work.

Drawboard PDF Document Builder Split Merge PDF pages
Merge, re-order, manipulate and arrange PDF documents.
PDF Measurement and calibration tools
Calibrate your document to scale and add linear, and area measurements.
PDF Built in Protractor Measurement Tool
Measure and draw with ink at precise angles. Digital ink snaps to the Protractor just like a ruler - fully integrated with Surface Dial.
Apply and change dash styles using the line tool.
Bring attention to items in need of review on PDFs with callouts.
Export highlights, underlines, callouts, notes and more to a .txt or .csv file.

Graph Paper

Hexagonal Grid Paper

Note-taking Templates

Sheet Music Templates

Choose colors for your annotations that suit your work.
Link text to web pages, PDF pages and other areas within your document.

Best-in-class ink

Drawboard PDF has deep integration with Windows' pressure sensitive inking and works flawlessly with active styluses like the Surface Pen.

The end result? An app that feels like pen and paper.

Merge, Split, Rotate, Insert + Much Much More!

Rotate, add and delete pages

Change your PDF on the fly as you annotate and save as a new document, or override your original file

Drag and drop to rearrange

Drawboard PDF is made with touch interaction front-of-mind. Rearrange pages by simply dragging them around.

Document Builder

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Merge multiple documents into one new document, whilst changing the order, rotation and presence of particular pages in one view.