Volume Licensing

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Need a more flexible volume licensing option for Drawboard PDF or Drawboard Projects? Our team can help you assess your deployment and volume subscription options.

Frequently asked sideloading questions

Do you provide an .exe file for distribution?

Drawboard PDF and Drawboard Projects on Windows 10 is available for sideloading only as an .appxbundle file. This is because our apps are modern Universal Windows Platform (UWP) applications that give us the ability to create a better intuitive experience.

Can I manage licenses myself?

In both Drawboard PDF and Drawboard Projects, you can manage your own license if you are using the in-app billing options. If you are part of a volume licensing enterprise arrangement, your Drawboard account manager will manage licenses on your behalf.

Can we reassign licenses during our subscription period?

As part of an enterprise licensing arrangement, your account manager will work with you to manage your licenses between users.

How are Drawboard PDF sideloading packages activated?

Once deployed the app is activated via an activation key that is device-based.

Do you offer floating licenses?

We do not offer floating licenses for Drawboard PDF unless your sideloaded app is activated via an activation key and multiple Microsoft accounts are using the same device. Drawboard Projects logins can be used on any device.

Why do you charge for some tools?

We have a policy of making widely-used tools available in our Essentials (free) product. The tools that we include in membership subscriptions are those that are applicable to smaller, more niche audiences.