Drawboard exists to see the design and construction industry work without paper.

Alistair Michener founded Drawboard in 2012 whilst working as an engineer. He and his colleagues were struggling with time-consuming markup methods, master sheets, and check-in check-out workflows on large projects. There was no digital solution that paired the benefits of technology with the familiarity of pen and paper. Drawboard was founded with the goal to bring reliable markup workflows into the 21st century.

Drawboard's premiere markup collaboration platform is Bullclip, and Drawboard's original flagship product Drawboard PDF has amassed the status of one of the most downloaded engineering apps on the Windows Store.

We're always looking for new members of the team. If you'd like to be a part of the team changing the face of the architecture, engineering and construction industry, get in contact.

The Drawboard Team


Alistair Michener

Co-founder/Tech Architect

Matt Barnes

Head of Product

Rowan Matz

Head of Marketing

Nathan Field

Cloud Architect

Alexey Shcherbak

Senior Software Engineer

Ben Flanagan

Software Engineer

Lucio Bemquerer

Software Engineer

Shannon Caldwell

iOS Lead

Pavel Oborin

Senior Software Engineer

Pierce Norman

Senior Software Engineer

Lachlan Dowd

Quality Assurance

Sheylla Tupia

Senior Software Engineer

Ghjuvan-Carlu Bianchi

Product Designer

Kat Seaton

Product Specialist

Mitch Varcoe

Product Specialist

Matt Richmond

Senior Cloud Developer

Bobby Alexander

Real-time team markup


Bullclip is a team-based PDF markup and drawing management platform. Purpose-built for the multi-disciplinary, high-touch AEC project environment, the application is available cross-platform and can be used by the whole team on both mobile tablets and through a web browser.

Even with the increasing selection of document management and PDF markup tools available, AEC workers still fall back to printing out drawings, reports, emails and photos to review the information and add their own notes and sketches. As a result, workers are disconnected from the systems designed to keep everyone on the same page and projects continue to wear the sustainability costs of printing and version control issues.

AEC workers have better things to do than search for documents. Bullclip makes navigating complex projects a breeze and finding the right documents as fast and painless as possible.

Combined with a simple and intuitive interface, Bullclip builds on the inking experience perfected in Drawboard PDF to stamp itself as the most natural and precise digital markup tool the industry has seen.

Bullclip intelligently utilizes Microsoft’s market-leading cloud technology to securely store project data, enable real-time team working and ensure that everyone on the project is always up-to-date and in sync.

Through its intuitive project navigation, natural markup capabilities and efficient use of the cloud, Bullclip allows all users to shift their paper-based document review, markup and sharing habits to a digital platform with minimum fuss and without changing the way they get things done.

Bullclip is available as a subscripton with a free 30 day trial.

Easy PDF markup


Drawboard PDF is the top Windows 10 PDF application for architecture, engineering and construction, designed to make on-the-go markup as simple as possible.

Read, redline and mark up your PDFs whether you're at the office, on the road or at home. Stop printing and scanning! With Drawboard PDF, annotation is finally as easy as it should be. Welcome to getting things done.

Press Resources

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Company Information

Drawboard Pty Ltd

Level 4, 99 Queen Street

Melbourne, Victoria 3000


ACN: 156 607 028

Want to be a part of the Drawboard team?

Drop us a line at team@drawboard.com. We are always hiring.