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For anyone working with PDFs, on your own or with a team.

Drawboard Projects

For people working in design and engineering teams with revision and issue management requirements.

Easy-to-use markup tools
Add and edit markups directly on your PDF
Store and share documents with others
Live sync all annotations across all devices
Drawboard PDF
Communication coordinated right where work is done - on the canvas.
Improve workflows with real-time issue management
Guest access for external partner review
Drawboard Projects

Easy-to-access online PDF tools

All the tools you’ll need to be more productive and work smarter with documents. A streamline online pdf experience for quick use.
Thousands of experts are doing their best work with Drawboard software
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"Drawboard PDF is an amazing app...I can measure all the elements in my architect's blueprint, add super neat annotations with ink or various line/polygon tools, calculate square footage, and even add text notes all using the pen on my device. Stability has been rock solid and it's the most reliably fast and responsive PDF app on my device. Bravo!"
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Better way of working without paper,
for every industry

Real-time design review

In Drawboard Projects, every drawing is a live workspace for collaborative markups. See everyone on the same page and have all communication actionable with Issues.

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Speed up design reviews with Drawboard Projects

Mark up in the same place as other reviewers and attach trackable issues to specific areas on every revision.

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Redline and review

Annotate and create comments on long-form documentation and share with others with just a couple clicks.

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Prepare and collate notes

Mark up case notes, review precedent and create notes to share with clients in a PDF app that feels like pen and paper.

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A no-fuss and easy to use PDF annotator

Drawboard PDF is trusted by government bodies worldwide as an easy-to-use annotator for Windows 10.

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Mark, prepare and illustrate

Throw away the overhead projector and the red marker. Drawboard PDF feels like pen and paper and is trusted by educators worldwide.

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Stay organized with Drawboard PDF

Review texts, and take notes as you study. Brainstorm, take notes, generate new ideas and share with your project team quickly and easily.

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Review articles and take detailed notes

Drawboard PDF is the ideal annotation application for long-form PDFs. Export your text reviews or save only annotated pages for later reference.

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Access and mark up only the latest revision

Drawboard Projects syncs all markups and comments on drawing revisions to the cloud instantly.

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Stay on top of the details

Drawboard Projects gives you visibility on all document reviews project-wide. Everything in the same place.

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Instant markups between the office and the field.

Drawboard Projects ensures that all markups made on site are saved instantly to the cloud, making documentation easy to collate later.

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Software made for heavy-document industries

Whether it's Drawboard PDF for quick markups or Drawboard Projects for building-related project review cycles, our goal is to make paperless work easy.

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