Upload from Revit

Send sheets for review without leaving Revit.

First, we reimagined design review.
Now, we’ve simplified your workflow.

Stay in Revit

Select sheets for review, upload using the Drawboard Projects Add-in, wait for markups.

Confident versioning

Reviewers will be directed to the latest available versions and locked out of marking up previous versions.

Faster in the cloud

All reviewers mark up the same live drawing, meaning you get feedback faster and with more context.

Stop coordinating design reviews

You know it, we know it. Coordinating feedback back from both internal and external stakeholders takes time.

In Drawboard Projects, all markups, issues and discussion are collected right on top of the revision, in the same place for everyone to see.

All you need to do is upload from Revit, log in to Projects and watch it all flow in.

Make every drawing a conversation

Stay in your flow.

As a creator, you don’t need the distraction of juggling software.

With Drawboard Projects, anyone on your team can review drawings that you upload form Revit on their iOS or Windows 10 devices, or in any web browser.

Go on, keep making your coffee.


PDF printer

You can stop paying for your third-party PDF printer. When uploading to Drawboard Projects, choose to also print your sheets locally to PDF.

Not using Drawboard Projects yet?

It’s easy to start winning back time now.

Step 1

Sign up for a 30 day trial of Drawboard Projects

Step 2

Invite your team inside Drawboard Projects to start collaborating.

Step 3

Get the Revit Add-in from the Autodesk Store.

Coordinate your next project with Drawboard Projects