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Drawboard PDF supports teachers and educators!

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Work in a school or university?

We’re offering all educators a 50% discount on Drawboard PDF.

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Need multiple licenses for your educational institution?

Read, review and grade work wherever you are!

Cloud Access All devices

A better way to manage teaching materials

We help teachers and educational institutions streamline the way they deliver learning materials to save time and enhance learning.

Make learning materials collaborative
Keep the whole class on the same page with laser pointers and PDF live sync. Collaborate on shared documents and see markups as they happen.

Work better, without paper
Get all of the tools you need to work faster, without paper. Merge, split, convert and compress any PDF document. Review, mark up and edit - without the hassle and cost of printing and storing.

Access your work from anywhere
View and mark up documents on any device - from home, work or on the go.

Best in class ink

Best-in-class ink

Write and draw intuitively with the feel of pen on paper.

Work your way

Work your way

Add your most used tools and customize your toolbar to suite your working style

Any device

Any device

Access your documents and mark up on any of your devices, any time.

Save valuable teaching time

Present, grade and collaborate

Present PDFs to your lecture room or classroom from the same place you store your documents. Mark your students’ work and share it with them seamlessly.

Tools to help you teach

Transform your teaching materials into an interactive live workspace to enhance learning. Draw, measure and insert elements like images and hyperlinks into your PDFs. Access and write on templates including note-paper, sheet music and gridded paper.

All documents in one place

Keep all learning resources in one place and find what you need with simple bookmarking and document organization.

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"Amazing app! Really easy editing, totally recommend for all important pdf work!"
- Drawboard PDF user
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"Super useful for uni work and research, allows me to read through and highlight passages and then can look at these on a separate list. It has become one of my most used applications"
- Drawboard PDF user
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"Drawboard is so much better than any other pdf app on iPad, especially at marking up documents with the Apple Pencil. Handwriting looks way better in Drawboard compared to other apps as well."
- Drawboard PDF user
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"By far the best PDF app for iOS"
- Drawboard PDF user
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