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All the tools, none of the fuss

All the shapes, pens and text review tools you need to express yourself.

Notes, textboxes, callouts, signatures, images and more.

Tool Bar
Add your most-used configurations to the favorites bar and dock it anywhere on your screen.

Set page calibrations per page and measure to scale.

Create your own PDFs

Background colors

Select from a range of preset background colors or set your own using a hex value.

Grid and Lines

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Use lined paper templates either as a baked-in background or as a temporary overlay while you write.

  • Notebook paper
  • Gregg ruled paper
  • Pitman ruled paper
  • Graph paper
  • Engineering grid
  • Isometric grid
graph paper, note paper and sheet music page template

Best-in-class ink

Drawboard PDF has deep integration with Windows inking and works flawlessly with active styluses like the Surface Pen.

The end result? An app that feels like pen and paper.

Modify PDF layouts

Rotate, add and delete pages

Change your PDF on the fly as you annotate and save as a new document, or override your original file

Drag and drop to rearrange

Drawboard PDF is made with touch interaction front-of-mind. Rearrange pages by simply dragging them around.

Document Builder

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Merge multiple documents into one new document, whilst changing the order, rotation and presence of particular pages in one view.

A comfortable interface

Night mode

Invert colours on your PDF for easier viewing in dark environments

Pen or touch

Flawless with any active pen or just your finger.

Favorites bar

Add and customize tools as you need them for fast access.


Open, create and share PDFs from one central workspace.

Default layout

Save your view and layout settings to persist for every document that you open.

Your language

Drawboard PDF is available in English, Chinese (Simplified), Korean, Japanese, German and Spanish.

Share your work


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Upload your PDFs to the cloud and access later on any device.


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Mark up the same PDF in real-time or in your own time across time zones.


Prevent future editing of your markups by flattening before you share.

Text Review Export

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Export all annotations that are attached to text to a .csv or .txt file.

Save annotated pages only

Only export pages that contain annotations to keep track of what matters.

A product display of drawings on Drawboard PDF canvas on tablet, laptop and desktop and a Surface pen & Apple pencil

Mark up on the go

Drawboard PDF is available on Windows, Android, iOS and in your web browser.
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