3 device screens showing Drawboard Projects canvas interface
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3 device screens showing Drawboard Projects canvas interface


video showcasing Drawboard Projects workspace and projects and drawings

Easily manage all of your drawings and projects from one centralized location

Store, mark up and review high volume technical drawings. Manage unlimited projects in one place and keep all stakeholders on the same page to get reviews completed faster.

video demonstrating creating an issue in Drawboard Projects

Open, manage and resolve issues

Open and assign issues to contributors. Pin issues to sections of your drawings, set deadlines and clearly mark when resolved.

video demonstrating setting review statuses in Drawboard Projects

Set and manage review statuses to keep reviews and projects on track

Easily view and set the status of your projects from 'Needs Review' to 'Approved' and every step in-between.

video showing Procore and Aconex integration with Drawboard Projects

Seamlessly integrate with the other platforms your team uses

Integrate Drawboard Projects with Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Revit, Aconex and Procore to help you work faster.

video demonstrating OCR in Drawboard Projects

Upload and organize new drawings and drawing revisions faster with OCR

Upload and organize your drawings quickly and accurately with optical character recognition. Easily scan the name, number and revision number of your drawings for quick labeling and create title block templates for streamlined and hassle-free uploads and revision management.

video of exporting a drawing in Drawboard Projects

Customizable exports

Exports to suit your needs. Export drawings with or without annotations from particular layers, with all revisions, comment threads and issues or simply your original drawing or document. You decide.

SOC2 type 1 logo

Securely work with documents and collaborators

Keep your documents, projects and communications secure. Drawboard is certified with SOC 2 compliance, a verification certifying adherence to systems and principles relating to security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy.


video of collaborators in Drawboard Projects

Collaborate with your team, clients and contractors. See markups as they happen.

Seamlessly collaborate on multiple projects at once and get more oversight over your projects. Drawboard Projects instantly syncs all markups and communication on every revision, speeding up your process and giving you your coordination time back.

video demonstrating assigning a drawing to contributors in Drawboard Projects

Easily assign the right projects to the right people

Assign drawings and documents to one or more team members. Set accountability and ensure tasks get actioned.

video demonstrating updating permissions in Drawboard Projects

Seamlessly manage your team and collaborator access

Invite team members and external partners to collaborate on projects Easily and instantaneously change and revoke user access.

Inviting external stakeholders in Drawboard Projects

Grant access to external stakeholders without a Projects account

Invite guests who don't have a Projects account to review projects with limited time access - from half a day to 1 week (depending on your plan). Get those markups direct on the drawing and save everyone's time.

video of showing and hiding contributor markups

See which annotations have been marked up by which contributor

At a glance, understand which markups belong to which contributor in your project. Easily toggle a team member's annotations on or off.

Inviting external stakeholders in Drawboard Projects

Work in different markup layers for more clarity and oversight

Keep a separate a layer for each team or project on a drawing, one for plumbing, another for lighting or electrical, one for approved markups and so much more. Keep the right information in front of the right collaborators and avoid clashes and confusion.


video demonstrating calibrating the canvas in Drawboard Projects


Easily select from common scales, or calibrate your page to take accurate length and area measurements of objects, site plans or drawings on your canvas. Calibration makes your measurements meaningful so that you can get on with work with speed and accuracy.

measuring length in Drawboard Projects

Measure Length

Just like a ruler or measurement tape. Measure the linear length of anything on the canvas in any direction. Need to take measurements on a technical drawing? A site plan? Get the job done with ease.

measuring rectangle area in Drawboard Projects

Measure rectangular area

Measure the rectangular area of any section of your canvas with one swift click and drag. No fuss. No need to calculate. Simply drag your mouse, finger or stylus to calculate your area instantly.

measuring polygon area in Drawboard Projects

Measure polygon area

Make measuring area simple and quick. Measure the area of any multi-sided floor plan, building face or shape on your canvas. Simply select each side of your shape and have your area measurement appear instantly.

View + annotate

Annotating in Drawboard Projects

Draw on any document or design seamlessly

Draw with the feel of pen on paper. Enjoy pressure sensitive ink using your stylus and easily customize color, thickness and opacity. Make your markups your own.

callouts in Drawboard Projects

Call out areas that need attention

Call attention to an area of your design or document with a clear arrow and text box. Spotlight issues, provide feedback, make notes and more.

stamping a review status in Drawboard Projects

Stamp your drawings

Stamp a drawing or a set of drawings with a review status or signature block. Choose from the preset stamp library or create your own custom stamps to fit your needs.

adding to the Markup Library in Drawboard PDF

Store annotations with Markup Library

Keep every markup you use regularly at your fingertips. The Markup Library is like a storage vault for markups you want to use over and over again. Add what you need and access it any time, on any drawing or document.

adding text and images in Drawboard Projects

Insert text and images

Easily insert images from your camera or computer and add text anywhere on your documents or drawings with ease and precision.

revision overlays in Drawboard Projects

Manage and compare revisions seamlessly

Revisions of the same drawing in Drawboard Projects are automatically stacked to allow for optimal version control. Upload and compare your drawing revisions and understand changes at a glance. Easily move markups from older versions to your current revision and get full clarity on revisions to reduce the need to rework and keep your project moving forward.

adding shapes and lines in Drawboard Projects

Add lines and shapes

Draw or insert lines and shapes with ease. Add basic, dotted or dashed lines and easily customize color and thickness. Draw rectangles, ellipses or clouds and easily draw any polygon.

Gridded and lined paper in Drawboard Projects

Gridded & lined paper

Utilize gridded and lined paper to mark up with precision. Use engineering grid, graph paper, dotted paper, isometric grid, hexagonal grid as well as various notetaking paper templates.

switching between public and draft layers in Drawboard Projects

Select between annotating in public or private layers of drawings

Annotate on drawings in your own private draft layer before pushing your markups public or work in a live public layer to have your markups synced in real time. Easily switch between public and draft views for control and convenience.

video showing ink writing up-to-date

Auto versioning

Never work on outdated versions. Newly published revisions are automatically pushed to all project members


Sync Drawings and Team members from Procore into Drawboard Projects, and push back as Documents.

Sync Transmittals and Documents from Oracle Aconex into Drawboard Projects, and push back into the Document Register.

Send sheets for internal and external review without leaving Revit.

Collaborate using Drawboard Projects inside any Microsoft Teams channel.

Select drawings and drawing sets from your Google Drive account to bring into a Drawboard Projects project.

Select drawings and drawing sets from your Dropbox account to bring into a Drawboard Projects project.

Select drawings and drawing sets from your OneDrive account to bring into a Drawboard Projects project.

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