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Pen Tool

pen icon Drawboard PDF

Humble but powerful. Write and draw seamlessly. Easily customize color, thickness and opacity. Make your markups your own.

pen tool Drawboard PDF


highlighter icon Drawboard PDF

Having a fluid highlighter makes a big difference, with or without paper! Choose your opacity, thickness and most importantly color!

highlighter tool Drawboard PDF

Pressure-sensitive ink

pressure sensitive ink icon Drawboard PDF

Write and draw with top-tier pressure sensitive ink for every type of stylus. Whether you're using the Surface Pen or the Apple Pencil, get pixel-perfect precision, tilt and imperceptible lag.

calligraphy pen Drawboard PDF

Smart ink recognition

smart ink icon Drawboard PDF

Create perfect lines and shapes with smart ink-to-line and ink-to-shape recognition! Seamlessly transform your freehand lines into precise straight lines and your freehand shapes into perfect squares, triangles, circles or hexagons.

ink to shape tool Drawboard PDF

Underline, Squiggle & Strikethrough

Text underline icon Drawboard PDF

The perfect tools for editing and reviewing work. Add squiggles to grammatical errors, underline text to draw attention to it or strikethrough errors.

underline squiggle and srtikethrough tools Drawboard PDF


eraser icon Drawboard PDF

Easily correct mistakes with the eraser tool. Quickly remove entire annotations with Whole Erase or remove parts of your ink with Partial Erase. Easy!

eraser tool Drawboard PDF


line icon Drawboard PDF

All of the lines you could dream of! Add basic straight lines or polylines, and easily customize color and thickness. With Pro you can customize your line styles and add various line endings to create unlimited variations of lines!

line styles Drawboard PDF


cloud shape icon Drawboard PDF

Choose from the Drawboard PDF shape library, or utilize the line to polygon tool which allows you to free-hand draw precise shapes.

green circle blue square and purple pentagon drawn in Drawboard PDF

Hatch patterns

hatch patterns icon

Choose from a range of hatch patterns to fill any enclosed shape. Use hatch patterns to identify elements and materials on your drawings. Understand at a glance which areas are concrete, which are timber or tiling and so much more.

Hatch patterns on Drawboard PDF canvas


OCR icon

OCR (text recognition) converts scanned paper documents, non-selectable PDF files and images of text, into selectable and searchable documents! Not only does it recognize text, but it also straightens it on the page.

OCR in the Drawboard PDF Windows app


redaction icon Drawboard PDF

Redact text and whole sections of your documents with the redaction toolset. Permanently remove sensitive or confidential information from any PDF document.

redaction tool Drawboard PDF

Content snapping

snapping icon Drawboard PDF

Easily align your markups to flat PDF content. Perfect for taking precise measurements of drawings and plans, or to simply keep your annotations neat.

content snapping tool Drawboard PDF

Laser pointer

laser pointer icon Drawboard PDF

Show people exactly what you’re talking about. Presenting a document at school or work? Want to talk someone through a shared document? Use the laser pointer to seamlessly point out sections of your page.

laser pointer tool Drawboard PDF


flip icon Drawboard PDF

Flip any drawing, markup or annotation on your document horizontally or vertically. The flip tool can also be used with the Snapshot tool to flip flattened content on your PDF. Modify your PDFs exactly how you need to.

flip tool Drawboard PDF


align icon Drawboard PDF

Select multiple annotations and align them left, top, right or bottom. The Align tool is perfect for keeping text annotations neatly aligned, or shifting markups into place.

align tool Drawboard PDF

Advanced Annotation History

Annotation history icon

Designed to enable teams to track, manage, and export valuable annotation metadata. Understand markups and measurements at a glance, conduct quantity takeoffs and flexibly group and sort data to get the information you need instantly.

Annotation history in Drawboard PDF

Drawboard AI

Drawboard AI icon

Drawboard AI unlocks powerful text editing capabilities that take the effort out of writing and reviewing documents! Summarize or rephrase text, get word definitions instantly, translate documents, fix grammar and more. Let Drawboard AI do the heavy-lifting for you.

Drawboard AI in Drawboard PDF



signatures icon

Sign documents with ease. Don’t have a touch device to draw your signature? No worries. Seamlessly scan a QR code with your mobile device to create your signature and add it to your signature library.

signatures tool Drawboard PDF

Audio notes

audio notes tool icon Drawboard PDF

Record or upload audio notes and attach them to sections of your PDFs! Perfect for making quick notes to yourself or anyone you're collaborating with.

audio notes tool Drawboard PDF

Text & fonts

text tool icon Drawboard PDF

Add text anywhere on your PDF documents with precision. Select from a wide range of fonts and easily edit font style, text size, color and opacity. Seamless, neat and customizable.

changing font on Drawboard PDF

Markup Library

markup library icon

Your Markup Library is your personalized storage vault for annotations you use over and over again. Symbols, stamps, notes or regular markups... add what you need and access any time, on any document and any device.

Adding an annotation to the Markup Library in Drawboard PDF


notes tool icon Drawboard PDF

Keep things neat and organized with notes. Add notes anywhere on your documents or attach them to any annotation. Perfect for providing feedback, adding quick notes or reminders throughout your documents.

notes tool in Drawboard PDF


bookmarks tool icon Drawboard PDF

Never lose your spot. Add bookmarks to sections of your documents to easily navigate to them at a later time. Bookmarks can used to create a page directory, a directory for areas that need to be reviewed, sections that need to be signed, tasks that need to be actioned, and so much more.

Bookmarks in Drawboard PDF


images tool icon Drawboard PDF

Easily add any image from your camera or image gallery into your PDFs. Simply upload your image or drag and drop directly into your doc. It’s that easy.

images tool Drawboard PDF


callouts tool icon Drawboard PDF

Call attention to an area of your design or document with a clear arrow and text box. Something require action or attention on a document? Use callouts to spotlight issues and to provide feedback.

callout tool Drawboard PDF



calibrate tool icon Drawboard PDF

Calibrate your page to take accurate length and area measurements of objects, site plans or drawings on your canvas. Calibration makes your measurements meaningful so that you can get on with work with speed and accuracy.

page calibration in Drawboard PDF


length tool icon Drawboard PDF

Just like a ruler or measurement tape. Measure the linear length of anything on the PDF canvas in any direction. Need to take measurements on a technical drawing? A site plan? Get the job done with ease.

measure length tool Drawboard PDF


measuring polylength tool icon Drawboard PDF

No need to mess around with a ruler and paper. Measure multiple straight lengths that are connected in one go.

measuring multi-point lines in Drawboard PDF

Rectangle Area

measure rectangle area icon Drawboard PDF

Measure the rectangular area of any section of your canvas with one swift click and drag. No fuss. No need to calculate. Simply drag your mouse, finger or stylus to calculate your area instantly.

measuring rectangle area in Drawboard PDF

Polygon area

polygon area icon Drawboard PDF

Make measuring area simple and quick. Measure the area of any multi-sided floor plan, building face or shape on your canvas. Simply select each side of your shape and have your area measurement appear instantly.

measuring irregular shape in Drawboard PDF


protractor tool icon Drawboard PDF

Measure exact angles on your documents just like you would with a protractor on paper. The perfect tool for finding and annotating exact angles and accurately drawing and measuring straight lines onto documents and drawings.

measuring angle with digital protractor in Drawboard PDF


ruler icon

Just like using a real-life ruler or tape measure. Use the Ruler to measure elements on-page and draw & measure straight lines with ease and precision. Available on iOS & macOS.

digital ruler on Drawboard PDF

Manage + organize

Share & collaborate

collaborate icon

Work with others on shared documents and see markups as they happen. Collaborate in real time or asynchronously to get any job done with ease.

inviting others to a document in Drawboard PDF

OCR (text recognition)

OCR icon

With Optical Character Recognition (OCR) you can convert scanned paper documents, non-selectable PDF files and images of text, into selectable and searchable documents! Not only does OCR recognize text, but it also straightens it on the page!

OCR in Drawboard PDF


merge documents icon

Build your PDF documents exactly how you need them. Merge documents and sets of pages in various ways defined by you. Need to merge a single page with a page from a different document? Easy! Get any job done in seconds.

merging documents in drawboard pdf


split documents icon

Split and extract documents or pages instantly. Separate PDF pages exactly how you need to in seconds.

split PDFs using Drawboard PDF


tags icon

Tags offers a powerful way to manage your documents! Categorize your docs into work and home, team and individual projects, school subjects or work projects, and so much more. Use tags to catalog your documents in a way that suits the way you work.

tagging documents in Drawboard PDF

Multi-window view

multi-window tool icon Drawboard PDF

View multiple documents, or parts of the same document at the same time! Not just view, but access your entire toolset in each window! Quickly switch between version 1 and revision 2, questions and answers, handouts and notes, contract revisions… the list goes on.

multi window tool Drawboard PDF

Templates + overlays

document template icon

Lined Templates are an excellent starting point for creating new documents and designs. Choose from a wide selection of ruled lines, grids, and patterns. And with overlays you can overlay graph paper, engineering grid, note paper overlays and more on any document, and easily toggle them on or off.

scrolling through templates in Drawboard PDF

Custom templates

custom templates icon

Create new documents or designs with your own custom page backgrounds. Your templates library is the perfect place to keep forms, digital planners, invoices, or any document you want to mark up regularly.

template example in Drawboard PDF


grouping icon Drawboard PDF

Conveniently select and group your markups with Group Annotations. Keep selected annotations together and easily edit the properties of multiple annotations at once.

grouping annotations in Drawboard PDF

Custom shortcuts

custom shortcuts Drawboard PDF

Work faster with custom keyboard shortcuts. Tailor your workflow to how you work best by setting your own personalized hotkeys. Save time, memory and finger strain.

custom shortcuts Drawboard PDF

Email integration

email upload tool icon

The perfect feature for people who routinely review, feedback on or sign documents. Set up your unique Email Upload address to have all email attachments sent to the address uploaded to your Drawboard PDF cloud account so that you can review or mark up on the fly. An intelligent way to streamline your workflow.

email upload feature in Drawboard PDF

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