Why are the Drawboard PDF Pro plans changing?

A Pro Plan for EVERY kind of Drawboard PDF user

You may have noticed that many new developments and updates have been released on Drawboard PDF recently.

We are maturing as a platform and have grown our feature set to a level that requires a restructuring of how those tools and features are offered to our users. We are aware that different users have different needs for our software, and in response, we are introducing a new tier to better accommodate.

We are restructuring our plans to keep improving the Drawboard PDF experience and to further invest in the quality of the platform for our users.

Here are answers to a few common questions about our Pro Plan changes:

What are the Pro Plan prices?

You can view and purchase the new Pro Plans we're offering here.

Can I keep my current plan and pricing?

For now, you will be able to maintain the price you’ve always paid, however, you may notice that the name of your plan in-app has changed.

What is happening to the Free version of Drawboard PDF?

The Essentials /Basic app, is not going anywhere and will continue to remain free. Some tools and features will be taken from the Essentials /Basic tier and moved into the Pro tiers. This will affect a small number of Drawboard PDF users who use Essentials /Basic  in a specific way.

Please review the features and tools that are included in each product tier here.

Why can't I keep using an old version of Drawboard PDF?

Drawboard is continuously shipping new versions averaging a new release every few weeks. Since Drawboard PDF's first release in 2013, we've had hundreds of new releases and updates. It is not feasible for Drawboard PDF to maintain hundreds of versions of the application.

How will this affect Commercial users of Drawboard PDF?

If you are a commercial user, the Drawboard PDF Pro Plus tier is the lowest-cost entry tier that allows our platform to be used for commercial output. Our current Terms of Use can be viewed and downloaded here.

Whilst it’s acceptable for commercial customers to purchase individual Pro Plus or Pro Unlimited licenses for team members through the app store or our web billing portal, there are many benefits to purchasing a commercial license directly through us. Please reach out to ask@drawboard.com

How will I be notified of any changes?

These changes will not affect everyone. If you are affected Drawboard will send you an email and display a message when you sign in to Drawboard PDF with details about the change. You can also go to the Manage Plan section of your account in-app to verify your plan.

What if I didn't see the notification about the subscription changes?

If you did not see the message when you signed into Drawboard PDF, it may be because you are not affected or, if you’ve shared your account, someone else may have already taken action. We have also reached out via email to users who we feel will be affected by the subscription changes, outlining the tier restructure.

Where can I compare Drawboard PDF prices and features?

You can compare our current plans and pricing on our website on or in-app.

If you have any questions please reach out to ask@drawboard.com.

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