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Measuring tools on Drawboard PDF

Full multi-platform access

Access your documents from anywhere, across any platform - on any device

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Page Templates

Work just like in real life with our set of Grids & Lined paper templates

Doc builder interface in Drawboard PDF

Merge, split & reorganize PDFs

Merge, split and manipulate PDFs from one simple, intuitive workspace. Freely chop and change your documents in a way that works for you.

Drawboard PDF tools in the toolbar

Unlimited toolbar

Get unlimited toolbar positions to personalize the way you work and get things done faster. Basic plan users are limited to 7 tools.

Smart inking Drawboard PDF

Pressure sensitive ink

Get an inking experience that feels and looks like pen pressed to paper with the pressure sensitive Pro pen and Calligraphy pen.

Surface pen drawing a square demonstrating smart ink to shape recognition

Smart line & shape recognition

Transform your freehand lines and shapes into perfect lines and polygons by simply drawing and holding with your finger or stylus.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

OCR (text recognition) converts scanned paper documents, non-selectable PDF files and images of text, into selectable and searchable documents! Not only does it recognize text, but it also straightens it on the page.

Multi-window feature in Drawboard PDF


View multiple documents, or parts of the same document at the same time, side-by-side! Not just view, but access the entire toolset too.

graph paper, note paper and sheet music page template

Page Templates

Choose your paper and work just like you would in real-life with a selection of paper templates.

tablet, mobile device and laptop showing Drawboard PDF

Full multi-platform access

Access your documents from anywhere, across any platform - on any device.

mobile device and tablet screen

Increased cloud storage

Keep everything together with more document storage to access your docs from anywhere.

Drawboard PDF users

Collaborate in real-time

Real-time teamwork. Work with others on documents and see all markups as they happen.

Advanced Annotation History

Track, manage, and export valuable annotation data. Understand which markups pertain to each collaborator, get sums of your measurements for quick quantity takeoffs, export text annotation content plus way more.

Audio notes tool Drawboard PDF

Audio Notes

Record or upload audio notes and attach them to sections of your PDFs! Perfect for making quick notes to yourself or anyone you're collaborating with.

Drawboard PDF callout tool

Callout annotations

Draw attention to areas in your Doc with or see what annotation were made by who, when and by markup type with Markup History.

Drawboard PDF hyperlinks


Link to web pages, other docs and specific areas. Build navigation and interaction with Hyperlinks.

measurement tools Drawboard PDF

Measure & calibrate

Measure anything on your PDF, in any direction, with the Pro Measurement Tools. Or set a known length relative to a distance on screen with the Calibration Tool.

Markup library Drawboard PDF

Markup Library

Save your annotations for repeated use! Add any markup to your Markup Library to use later on any document. Work faster, your way.

line style feature Drawboard PDF

Advanced Lines

Apply dashed lines, dotted lines or a combination of both along with various line endings including arrow tips, slashes and shapes.

Flip and align tool Drawboard PDF

Flip and align

Flip any annotation vertically or horizontally and and align your annotations or ink. Perfect for keeping your note-writing neat or seamlessly tidying up your annotations.

Unlimited signatures feature Drawboard PDF

Unlimited signatures

Add unlimited signatures to your Signature bank to use at any time, on any document. Basic plan users are limited to storing 2 signatures.

Group annotations feature Drawboard PDF

Group annotations

Conveniently select and group your markups with Group Annotations. Keep selected annotations together and easily move or edit multiple annotations at once.

Drawboard PDF Snapshot tool


Cut or copy vectorized PDF content from one place in your doc to another.

4 overlapping shapes with Arrange menu including bring forward, send backward, bring to front and send to back


Order your shapes, ink annotations, images and cut or copied PDF content any way you like. Bring objects backwards, forwards, to the front or to the back.

Redaction tool in Drawboard PDF


Permanently remove sensitive content or redundant sections of your PDFs. With the redaction toolset you can redact text or any selected area on your PDFs.

annotation snapping to PDF content

Content snapping

Easily align your markups to embedded content on any PDF document. Perfect for taking precise measurements of drawings and plans, or to simply keep your annotations neat.

Advanced paste in Drawboard PDF

Advanced paste

Paste annotations to multiple pages at once. Apply markups to all pages, to odd or even pages or a custom set of pages decided by you.

Fonts in Drawboard PDF


Get access to the full range of fonts for text annotations. Personalize the way you write and make your markups your own.

Hatch patterns

Need to distinguish between different elements on your page? Use hatch patterns to identify elements and materials on your drawings. Understand at a glance which areas are concrete, which are timber or tiling and so much more. Create endless combinations to fit how you work.

Equation tool

Simplify the way you handle and present mathematical notation. The Equation tool transforms your LaTeX input into beautifully formatted equations.

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First, more collaboration

As a subscriber, get more storage, expanding your capacity to share with your teammates.

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