Bullclip update: New Uploads, Callouts + Synergy Integration

Rowan Matz on

A callout in Bullclip

New Uploads Interface

Last week, we launched our new and improved Uploads interface and today I am thrilled to introduce this new flow to you formally.

Drag and drop was a big request and now it’s live.

We are really excited about this update, as uploading drawings and documents to your projects is such a fundamental task when using Bullclip. In fact, it is usually the very first action you take when trialling Bullclip on your very own projects, and only gets more important as your projects grow in size and number.

While the original uploads system worked well enough, we knew we needed to improve this part of the platform and took the opportunity to transform Uploads into a new, streamlined three-step process.

Create and apply upload templates easily to all drawing uploads.

Completely redesigning such a core pillar of the platform was no small task and the completion of this project was not an isolated achievement. Many of our most passionate users shared their feedback and helped mould the upload process into the fast and friction-less flow now available. I invite you to jump into Bullclip now and check out the result of all the hard work yourself.

Publish in batches of up to six items per click.

What has actually changed you ask? In summary:

  • We completely redesigned the uploads pathway.
  • You can now Drag and Drop your files straight into the app.
  • The upload templates are now easier to find and easier to use.
  • You can now publish in batches of up to six per click making big drawings sets a breeze to upload.

These four big changes result in a much simpler flow that significantly speeds up the task of uploading large drawing sets and gets your projects moving faster. A big thanks to everyone that helped.

Try it out for yourself and submit any feedback through the support widget at the bottom of the Bullclip Support page.

New Tool: Callout

Another key recent addition to Bullclip is the new Callout tool. Available on both the Windows 10 app and the web application, you can now quickly markup and add notes to your drawings using the Callout tool. Like all of our shape tools, this is the perfect quick-markup tool for our many keyboard and mouse users. Check it out the next time you open the toolbox.

New Integration: Synergy

Synergy offers business and project management for architects, engineers and construction designers. Synergy solves three key challenges for built environment design professionals: project accounting, project management and collaboration.

With the Bullclip add-on for Synergy, team members can markup Synergy documents (PDFs, images, drawings) in Bullclip with just a few clicks.

Mark up Synergy documents right in Bullclip, then send them back to Synergy as annotated files.

It’s now possible to have your team mark up Synergy documents from wherever they are, whilst having all markups connected back to the rest of your project data.

To learn more, visit the Synergy website.