Drawboard’s commitment to customers during COVID-19: Free Bullclip for 3 months

Alistair Michener on

Around the world, people and organizations are figuring out how to adapt to being more remote than usual. Our own team spent the last few days preparing ourselves for working remote and had to make some quick decisions on which remote collaboration technology we’ll use. So, we know how challenging this can be.

Drawboard feels equipped enough to do our bit to help those around the world to transition to remote practices with PDF collaboration software we’ve been developing.

As a starting point, we will make Bullclip free for three months to new customers.

Head here to get three months of Bullclip for free.

Collaboration across any industry

Drawboard had already started work in the last year to build sharing and collaboration functions into Drawboard PDF, but this won’t be ready for a few more months.

So, whilst Bullclip was originally built for Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Manufacturing teams (AECM), teams in other industries like legal and education have already been using it to annotate and work on PDFs in real-time.

There are some industry-specific features in Bullclip, but anyone can find value in the PDF collaboration built into its core offering, which we were planning to incorporate into Drawboard PDF this year. Bullclip is split into ‘Drawings’ and ‘Documents’, so if you’re not in AECM, please use the ‘Documents’ section.

Bullclip as a solution

Bullclip is the intersection of Drawboard PDF and Google Docs, available through the web, iOS and Windows 10. It brings excellent PDF viewing and markup to a cloud environment with continuous syncing, and no need for a ‘save’ button. It’s also not tied to just one device, like traditional software.

Everything is always and automatically backed up for you and everyone else on your team. It facilitates up to date information for everyone, and can provide multi-user real time collaboration just as though you were working on it in the same room.

Tips from the Drawboard team

Earlier this week we amassed tips from our own semi-remote team and condensed it down to four tips beyond the basics that can also help you work remote. You can check it out on the blog post here. We’d love to hear other tips you might have.

Drawboard is committed to helping our customers during this challenging and changing period to transition to a more remote friendly world. The free Bullclip three months is just the start for how we can help.

You can reach out to us at team@drawboard.com