The environmental benefits of virtual collaboration

The environmental benefits of virtual collaboration

The environmental benefits of virtual collaboration

The environmental benefits of virtual collaboration

The environmental benefits of virtual collaboration

The environmental benefits of virtual collaboration

The environmental benefits of virtual collaboration

Despite the challenges that businesses have faced as a result of COVID-19, the changes to ways of working and restrictions on transport and trade have highlighted the positive impact new ways of working and technology can have on the environment.

The impact of going paperless

From onsite to online, technology has completely transformed the way we work by providing a way for teams to connect and collaborate. Drawboard software has helped many companies save time, energy and resources as it helps streamline processes, assists with digital collaboration, and helps reduce rework.

Simos Simou, Senior Manager at EY Cyprus explains: “The three hours that I save every day [with Drawboard] simply comes down to administrative resources – the amount of time it used to take me to manage a pile of documents on my desk, printing and delays in executing were untenable”. For Thomas Bates, Senior Consultant at D’Angelo and Associates, “being able to create issues and markups early on in the process means that we save a lot of time with rework”.

As we all know, reducing paper usage has a huge impact on the environment. Both the paper production process and transportation costs cause high levels of carbon emissions.

  • Turning one tree into 17 reams of paper releases 50kg of CO2 into the atmosphere. 
  • On top of this, the tree is no longer able to absorb a further 32kg of CO2 per year. 

At 500 sheets per ream, our customers have experienced a daily printing decrease of between 50 and 400 sheets per day. To put this into perspective, 400 sheets of paper per day saves one tree each month, and 984kg of CO2 annually.

A new way of meeting 

The ability to collaborate more effectively online also reduces the need for in person meetings, resulting in lower travel costs and a smaller carbon footprint. DKO Architecture’s implementation of Drawboard Projects has meant teams in Sydney, Melbourne and Ho Chi Minh can collaborate virtually and share their workloads more easily.

“The instant interaction between remote users has been the major thing [with Drawboard Projects]. It’s two-fold, it’s interactive display and being able to talk someone through your markup or document, and also not having to print out shop drawings and manually mark them up and scan them back in – which in a remote capacity, is simply not possible".

Blair Calvert, Senior Associate and National BIM Manager, DKO Architecture

By taking advantage of Drawboard Projects functionality, our customers have been able to reduce their in person business meetings by up to 10 per week. When you factor in the carbon output from even short distance air travel, the reductions quickly add up:

- A round trip between Sydney and Melbourne results in 140.8kg of CO2 emissions per person. 

- A long haul business class trip between London and New York results in emissions of 1341.8kg of CO2 per person.

This means companies can potentially reduce their carbon footprint by up to 100 tonnes per year. Not to mention saving thousands of dollars in travel expenses.

One simple solution

We know that businesses are always on the lookout for more sustainable solutions, and by using Drawboard software, you can maintain more environmentally conscious practices. Both our products allow users to create documents and drawings which can be marked up in real-time. Teams can collaborate digitally on the same file without needing to print, and then share the most current documents with remote colleagues.

Aside from streamlining workflows, using Drawboard PDF or Drawboard Projects results in a sizable reduction in paper usage, printing costs, travel expenses and overall carbon footprint. Implementing Drawboard gives you the potential to become paper free and carbon neutral, and it’s possible to reach this milestone through just one change in software.

About Drawboard

We are a PDF and collaboration company. We believe that creating more effective connections between people reduces waste.

Our best work has been overtaken by busywork. That’s why we’ve created ways to help people get back to working wonders without any paper in sight.

Drawboard PDF lets you mark up and share with ease, and Drawboard Projects brings collaborative design review to architecture and engineering teams.

At Drawboard, we work our magic so our customers can get back to working theirs.

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