Use Drawboard PDF in five new languages

Nathan Field on

Drawboard PDF has become one of the top Windows 10 apps available on the Microsoft Store. We started out on this journey in Australia, and so we have been humbled to see customers from around the world using the app every day.

Fun fact: according to our back-of-napkin calculations, Drawboard PDF users saved 44,000 trees in 2018 by using the app. What a global impact!

When you look at Drawboard PDF’s top 10 countries by number of monthly users, ‘English-first’ countries only account for 37% of these users.

As a result, we have had hundreds of requests to localize Drawboard PDF; to translate the app into different languages.

A couple months ago we released Drawboard PDF in Chinese (Simplified). China is Drawboard PDF’s second-biggest country in terms of monthly users, and the response we received from our Chinese customers was overwhelmingly positive.

So today, we are proud to be releasing Drawboard PDF in four more languages: Korean, Japanese, German and Spanish.

Drawboard PDF is now translated into English (US), Chinese (Simplified), German, Spanish, Japanese and Korean.

What’s next?

Localizing Drawboard PDF was one of our top feature requests of all time.

We want to hear what you think, and what you would like to see next. Please go ahead and rate and add ideas in our feature request forum, or get in contact with us at