The top 5 Drawboard PDF features you [literally] didn't know existed.

The top 5 Drawboard PDF features you [literally] didn't know existed.

The top 5 Drawboard PDF features you [literally] didn't know existed.

The top 5 Drawboard PDF features you [literally] didn't know existed.

The top 5 Drawboard PDF features you [literally] didn't know existed.

The top 5 Drawboard PDF features you [literally] didn't know existed.

The top 5 Drawboard PDF features you [literally] didn't know existed.

Learn more about the top 5 most requested Drawboard PDF features you didn't know existed.

"I wish there were Drawboard PDF features that would let me..."  

We recently conducted a survey to learn more about how you use Drawboard PDF, and not only did we get some great insight that will help us shape the future of our products, we learned that we had a lot of people requesting features that are already in the app!

In this post we want to spotlight the top five most requested features that you can start using right away.

1. Using JPEG, PNG and other image files

Insert images into PDFs in Drawboard PDF

There are 3 common ways to use images in Drawboard PDF:

  • Insert an image on a document through your camera or an image file
  • Copy an image from another location and pasting into Drawboard PDF
  • Open an images as a document

Once you have marked up an image using Drawboard PDF, you can then save it as a PDF. You can even set Drawboard PDF as your default image viewer.

If you are are opening images as documents in Drawboard PDF, you won't be able to use text review tools on the image, but tools that aren't linked to text such as the pen, shapes and text insert will all still work as usual.

2. Document Builder (PRO)

With the Document Builder in Drawboard PDF PRO, you can take multiple PDF files that you are working with and merge them into a single document.

By upgrading to PRO you not only get access to our document building tools, you also get access to all of our other PRO features, including Text Review Export, being able to apply grids and lines, calibrated measurements, and generating custom line styles.

3. Copy and paste

Copy and paste annotations in Drawboard PDF

This one is pretty simple but saves a lot of time.

In Drawboard PDF, use CTRL+C and CTRL+V to copy and paste annotations respectively. Or, right click a selected annotation to get a menu with both options.

4. Page Management

Drag and drop pages in the Pages tab to rearange them in Drawboard PDF

In addition to Document Builder, there are some page management operations that you can perform with the essential features of Drawboard PDF, no PRO subscription required.

First, you can drag and drop your pages in the Pages menu to be in the order you prefer.

You can also use our page editing tools to delete pages, rotate pages, apply bulk changes and more.

Click here to learn more about Page Management

5. Signatures

Use the signature manager in Drawboard PDF to insert from a selection of signatures.

Our signature tools are here to make the signing process easier for you.

By using the Signature Manager in the Insert menu, you can add a library of signatures to apply like a stamp to your documents.

At Drawboard, we currently use this tools for signing internal documents, however at this stage we do no have the capability to provide certified signatures and receipts.

Click here to learn more about how to manage your signatures

If you do want to learn more about our features and are curious if a tool exists, you can search our Knowledge Base or join one of our upcoming interactive webinars where you'll get a live walk through and help with any questions you might have.

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