New in Drawboard PDF: Text Review Export

Mitch Varcoe on

Being able to quickly and easily collate and review notes throughout documents is of high importance to all Drawboard PDF users.

Today, we are announcing a new tool that will streamline the way that at you review your annotations: Text Review Export

Using the Text Review Export you can now export all of your notes, comments, highlighted text and more into a CSV or TXT file for easy review.

Text Review Export will simplify the document review process for all users.

How Text Review Export works

When reviewing your documents, you can continue to use all of your favorite tools to mark up and take notes. That includes highlighting and text highlighting, text inserts, note inserts, callouts and more.

Once your mark up is complete and you are ready to review your notes, you can now navigate to the menu on the left side of your screen, select the More icon, and then Export Text Reviews.

This will then open the Text Export Review dashboard. Within this dashboard you can configure the review elements you would like to export, as well as the format in which you would like to export.

Text Review Export dashboard

The CSV export format captures the markup details, author, page number of the markup, the tool used to create the mark up, date that the mark up was created, and the hex value of the color used.

Text Review Export CSV

The TXT export format captures page number and date of the markup, along with markup details.

Text Review Export TXT

To learn more about how to use the Text Review Export tools, visit our Knowledge Base.

How to access Text Review Export

Text Review Export is available now in Drawboard PDF PRO. Open your Drawboard PDF app and start a free 7 day trial of Drawboard PDF PRO today to start simplifying the way that you review your markups.

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