Drawboard PDF essentials now free

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As the way that we work and collaborate continues to evolve, we are excited to to announce that Drawboard PDF is now available for free through the Microsoft Store.

As the top-rated PDF app on the Microsoft Store, Drawboard PDF allows you to mark up PDFs with the digital pens such as the Surface Pen and HP Elite Pen. Draw, highlight, insert shapes and much more.

Why go free?

Being able to access the digital tools that you need can be the difference between a positive or negative collaborative team experience.

More teams now have employees working remotely, and for those who are not experienced with remote teamwork, finding the right tools to complete your job can be a daunting process.

At Drawboard, we believe providing you frictionless access to a tool like Drawboard PDF will not only help you, but will have an ongoing positive effect through encouraging the use of collaboration tools in your team.

“We’re really excited to be able to help enable remote workers globally with Drawboard PDF. We hope that this will lead to more efficient and effective collaboration within teams, allowing remote companies to thrive”

Alistair Michener, CEO of Drawboard

Drawboard PDF has an intuitive design that allows you to markup and review quickly and easily. Core to our mission is to make our experience delightful compared to traditional desktop programs.

High quality annotations and outstanding features in document marking qualify Drawboard PDF as a one-stop software for paper work management”.

Simos Simou, Tax Barrister and Chartered Tax Advisor, Ernst & Young Cyprus

Drawboard PDF PRO

We are also doubling down on making our in-app subscription Drawboard PDF PRO more helpful and fully-featured.

Over the coming months, PRO users can expect more from our team than ever before including Text Review Export – a way to save all your text review annotations to a new document.

More coming soon

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