Drawboard PDF Power Users: Luca Liistro, Chiomenti

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Power User -Luca Chiomenti

Chiomenti, founded in 1948, is one of the most prestigious law firms in Italy. With over 300 professionals serving Italian and international industrial, banking, insurance and financial groups, Chiomenti specializes in 14 practice areas.

Luca Liistro is a partner at Chiomenti, and is the head of the Pharma, Healthcare and Life Sciences business unit. His area of transactional law dictates that the sheer volume of document review takes up to 40% of his day-to-day time.

By using Drawboard PDF, Luca is able to prevent printing up to 400 pages every day.

“I have been one of the youngest lawyers to become a partner at Chiomenti, and I have been always pushing to find innovative ways to do our job more efficiently, and in a way that would allow us to have more free time for our private lives”, explains Luca.

“In that process, I have been constantly thinking about how we can get rid of paper, printers, and that is now happening.”

From marking up boilerplate documents and blank PDFs to reviewing memoranda and contracts, Drawboard PDF allows Chiomenti to turn around documents faster and more efficiently.

“Drawboard PDF is the beauty of annotating without the hassle of paper. What is important in our profession as lawyers is to find time. Previously I would get drafts, print them out, take my pen, make my annotations, scan it back, and send it via email”.

Luca explains how much of a time-sink printing can be.

“Although waiting at a printer may be socially entertaining in some cases – I consider that a big waste of time. Secondly, I am travelling more and more, or in meeting rooms with clients/counterparties, and so printing a document is more and more annoying.”

“Now, I download everything before the flight, annotate on the plane and send back as soon as I land. My senior associates and colleagues are doing the same thing.”

Luca receives drafts from his team via email, he annotates them in Drawboard PDF with a Surface Pen, then emails them back to his team. As the large majority of his team’s documents pass by his desk, using Drawboard PDF has made this process more efficient for the entire team.

“I am enthusiastic about my experience with Drawboard PDF, and thus I keep talking about it when I have the opportunity to do it.”

“I keep getting more and more questions from my partner or associates, asking for information about the way I improved my way of working thanks to the use of the Surface and Drawboard PDF.”

Drawboard PDF is rated the #1 productivity app in the Microsoft Store. Drawboard PDF makes PDF markup quick and easy for document-heavy industries such as the legal and consulting.

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