Drawboard PDF Power Users: Simos Simou, EY Cyprus

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Drawboard PDF EY Cyprus

Ernst & Young is global professional services firm known for proficiency in assurance, advisory, tax and transaction advisory services.

Simos Simou is a manager, Tax Barrister and Chartered Tax Advisor in EY Cyprus, the leading tax advisory firm in Cyprus.

“I definitely save three hours per day, since the majority of reviews are now done on Drawboard PDF”

Simos and his team of 15 advisors work with a wide range of documents every day in servicing both multinational and domestic clients. From legislation and case law to memos and legal advice that need signatures, the EY Cyprus office has traditionally been dependant on paper printouts or legacy desktop software.

“If I were to paint a picture, the way we used to work was felt comparatively like an old Chevy car with a broken tyre. Now, we are working like a modern automatic car with all the conveniences”, explains Simos.

“The three hours that I save every day [with Drawboard PDF] simply comes down to administrative resources – the amount of time it used to take me to manage a pile of documents on my desk, printing and delays in executing were untenable”.

Simos and the majority of the managerial team at EY Cyprus use Drawboard PDF to annotate and take margin notes using digital ink. Simos uses a Surface Pen to annotate, and the rest of his team are able to view his markups regardless of which PDF reader they are using.

“While reviewing legislation and case law we adopted a consistent team annotation methodology. Additionally, Drawboard PDF is used in directing clients to documentation where sign-off, commentary, and supplementary information is required by their side. Moreover, Drawboard PDF is used for snipping annotated extracts in presentations delivered to over 5,000 clients annually in prestigious business events and educational sessions.“

“The pen function is close to the experience of a physical pen. It feels like writing on paper. As a result, in many occasions sign off on government documents is even accepted digitally because we use Drawboard PDF”.

In all, Drawboard PDF is being used to make the EY Cyprus office more efficient and responsive to daily demands.

“Drawboard PDF is a reliable and credible tool ideal for professionals dealing daily with quantities of documentation. High quality annotations and outstanding features in document marking qualify Drawboard PDF as a one-stop software for paper work management”.

Drawboard PDF is rated the #1 productivity app in the Microsoft Store. Drawboard PDF makes PDF markup quick and easy for document-heavy industries such as the legal and consulting.

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