New in Drawboard PDF: The Advanced Tools Drawer

Alistair Michener on

New in Drawboard PDF - Advanced Tools Drawer

Today, we are announcing one of the most helpful Drawboard PDF features to date: the Advanced Tools Drawer.

This is a feature that has not only been in development and testing for some time, but has been based on a lot of feedback from you, our customers.

With the new experience, work faster.

  • Access all tools and customizations with no more than two clicks
  • Customize the existing tools on your favorites bar
  • Customize your current active tool from anywhere
  • Customize every tool with easier to access and easier to use controls
  • Switch back to the Radial Menu at any time.

The Radial Menu: your feedback

One of the most iconic and intuitive features of Drawboard PDF has always been the Radial Menu. All tools in one place, draggable, collapsible and simple to understand.

The Drawboard PDF Radial Menu

Whilst intuitive, you told us that the Radial’s counter-personality is that of a time sink. It is a menu system that requires up to 10 clicks to configure some tools. Not to mention the lengthy process of having to click all the way back to the main menu to select a new tool category.

The other thing we kept noticing was that because the Radial Menu took some time to navigate, you were only really using it to add tools to the favorites bar. The favorites bar would essentially then be your main tools menu. Not so intuitive after all.

If we wanted to keep adding functionality to Drawboard PDF in the future, the Radial system was only going to get more complex.

The Advanced Tools Drawer: still simple, easier to use, faster.

The Advanced Tools Drawer is all about giving you granular access to editing tools in the quickest time possible.

✅ Keep the simplicity

We know that people love the Radial Menu because it’s easy to get your head around, so we’re not replacing it. Rather, you can choose to use either the Radial Menu or the Advanced Tools Drawer. One or the other, and still easy to find what you need.

✅ Make it easier

Rather than 10 clicks to get to the bottom of a tool menu, how about just two? in the Advanced Tools Drawer, click a category, click a tool, and all your options are laid out in front of you.

✅ Improve speed

Tool selection is now fast, so that you don’t need to ‘hack’ the favorites bar. You can also now edit your currently active tool or any of your favorites bar tools by just clicking them.

Give it a go

Click the new Advanced button on the bottom of the Radial Menu, magic will ensue and the new Advanced Tools Drawer will appear on the right of your screen.

Whether you use Drawboard PDF every day or you’re coming back from a break, we want to know what you think.

Transition between the Radial Menu and the Tools Drawer

We trust that by using the new Advanced Tools Drawer, you will be able to work faster and with less friction. It’s our goal to make going paperless as easy as possible, for both your productivity and for the environment’s sake.

To learn more about using the Advanced Tools Drawer, you can visit this article in our knowledgebase. If you have feedback, please get in touch with the team at