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Integrate with Autodesk BIM360 Docs

Mark up, discuss and track live feedback across every drawing revision.

Easier design communication for everyone
on architecture and engineering teams.

Used by top-performing teams

Save valuable 

project time

Save valuable 

project time

by marking up in the 

same place as everyone else

by marking up in the 

same place as everyone else

Immediate markup syncing

Markups sync immediately without a refresh

Guest Access for external partners

Guest Access for external partners

Best-in-class ink for Windows 10 and iPad

Best-in-class ink for Windows 10 and iPad

"We can all still stand around and discuss things without actually standing around."

HASSELL uses Bullclip across 70 architects and designers, across multiple locations and hundreds of drawings. HASSELL puts a high priority on fostering an open and collaborative design environment for everyone.

Stop coordinating markups

Bullclip instantly syncs all markups and communication on every revision,
creating a live workspace for design review.

Within your team

Iterate quickly with centralized and versioned feedback.


Communicate across multiple offices and see markups as they are added.

Across stakeholders

See all third party feedback on one drawing canvas. No need to consolidate feedback.

Features that are easy for your whole team

Find what you need

Project activity feed

Tag management

OCR title block templates

Unlimited projects

Intuitive to use

Pressure-sensitive ink

Real-time updates

On-drawing issue closeout

No training required

Easy to access

Guest Access

Web, iOS and Windows 10

Log in anywhere

Automatic versioning

"The beauty of Bullclip is that we don't have to change our process."

Download AECOM case study as PDF

"I can get a very quick understanding of the breadth of what is being done."

Download Baumgart Clark Architects case study as PDF

Stop coordinating design reviews.