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We are a PDF and collaboration company. We believe that creating more effective connections between people reduces waste.

Our best work has been overtaken by busywork. That’s why we’ve created ways to help people get back to working wonders without any paper in sight.

Drawboard PDF lets you mark up and share with ease, and Drawboard Projects brings collaborative design review to architecture and engineering teams.

At Drawboard, we work our magic so our customers can get back to working theirs.

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The Story

In mid 2011, the world was still using more paper than at any other point in history.

We realized that the millions of printouts we’d watched teams burn through were not only wasteful, but impractical as they caused growing coordination problems.

Drawboard PDF was created as a seamless markup solution to offer people in design and construction a better way to work, with education, finance and global manufacturing professionals soon following. Becoming a top performing productivity PDF app, Drawboard PDF was changing the way the world works, and importantly, its reliance on paper.

Now, the world runs on real-time collaboration, and work needs to reach further, faster. Drawboard is pioneering PDF collaboration with both Drawboard Projects and Drawboard PDF, empowering millions of experts to make their mark confidently from first thought to workflow coordination.

Together, we’re creating a world that works without paper, so you can be confident your best is yet to come.

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Drawboard Pty Ltd

ACN: 156 607 028

Level 4, 99 Queen Street
Melbourne, Victoria 3000

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