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Hey our amazing Drawboard users!

It has been brought to our attention there is some dissatisfaction for the change we made in our Drawboard PDF pricing model.After the Essentials tier became free in early 2020, we have received some feedback that we took away value from those who made a $3-10 once off purchase prior to the price change. Even if their purchase was many years ago, there was a feeling of unfair treatment compared to new users who today no longer need to pay for the Essentials tier. 

We were very excited to open up our Drawboard PDF Essential tier for free to be accessible to everyone, but we also understand these grievances to a degree. We want to thank everyone in your supporting helping us build a business during the early years where we needed to build enough revenue to make the app even more awesome. As Drawboard has not taken anything away from those who purchased it in the past, we feel everyone has benefited from this decision.

We want to make it clear that, whether you paid (up to) $10 many years ago, or you have acquired the app for free, you'll receive a large array of Essentials tools without paying a single cent more.You'll also receive all future updates, bug fixes and new features in the Essentials tier. The goal for us is to continually build more and more to the point where some pro features can also be free and ready to use!

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a refund, or more features since I paid $10 some years ago?

As the Essentials tier receives lifetime updates, bug fixes and feature releases, we believe you are getting, and will continue to get, a lot of value from the Essentials app.

We won't take anything away from our Essentials users - in fact, we will continue to provide more and more! Just like if we increased the fee, we wouldn't expect you to pay us the difference, we're not going to pay back the $10 because we reduced it to free.

But I was sure I had access to features beforehand that are now in PRO, are you sure nothing has been removed?

Yes, we are 100% sure! We've heard this a few times, however we've never taken a feature from Essentials and put it into our PRO tier, and never will.

I can't afford a subscription, will other features be available to me?

That's right! We aim to add more features to Drawboard PDF. As we include newer features within the app, we would love to start providing tools that are currently premium at no cost to all users.

Why don't you offer a once off fee so I can own everything forever?

We continually update the app every week with feature updates, bug fixes and quality of life updates. Some apps offer a new version every year so you need to pay for a new version (e.g. Drawboard PDF 2022, Drawboard PDF 2023, etc.). We want everyone to be on our most up to date version to make sure we're delivering the best possible app and experience. This can only be done if we're matching development cost with revenue. We promise this is the best result for everyone in the long run!

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