Bullclip update: Activity Feed

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Bullclip Update: Activity Feed

Initiating a design review with all key stakeholders on a project is busy work.

Getting designs ready within ever-shortening deadlines is a challenge in itself, let alone the work involved in preparing for, following up on and collating the feedback from all stakeholders through a design review.

Managing your design reviews in Bullclip already helps with many of the key challenges associated with getting designs reviewed by everyone quickly, regardless of their location.

However, what makes a great design review platform is whether it enables people to make better decisions on their own as to what is important to pay attention to.

We think that this starts with providing context. We started with drawing-level context, and now we’re moving to project-level context.

Introducing: Activity Feed

The project Activity Feed

The Activity Feed is an up-to-date digest of key project activity over time and is visible to everyone on the project team (except guest users). The key project events that get recorded in the Activity Feed are:

  • New Drawings or Documents uploaded
  • Drawings or Documents deleted
  • New Issue created
  • Issue updated (assignee, status or due date)
  • Drawing, Document or Project exported
  • New team member added

Our intent is that the Activity Feed helps project teams become more responsive by:

  1. providing more visibility into recent project actions, and
  2. making it easier to find and work on the latest designs.

1. More visibility into project activity

Real-time visibility in to key project activity

The Activity Feed is perfect for identifying when there is new project design information to process, kick-starting any related reviews or follow-ups automatically. No need to @mention anyone in a comment, send an email or tap a team mate on the shoulder to direct them towards your new design drawings.

2. Easily find the latest designs

Yes, it is important to be aware that there are new design drawings or that an issue is waiting on your approval.

However, searching for those new drawings or that issue is time wasted.

As such, all key content in the Activity Feed is clickable and directs you straight to the Drawings, Documents or Issues in question. No time wasted.

Open a Drawing or Issue directly by selecting the listing in the Activity Feed

Further down the line, we’ll add the Activity Feed to our mobile apps and expand it to include filters to search for the event types you need. For now, we hope you enjoy this first step towards clear project progress and improved navigation.

Bullclip is the only application that truly connects teams around design reviews, while still being easy enough for anyone on your project to adopt. If you are looking for a competitive advantage, be sure to trial Bullclip for your next review and let us know what you think.

Learn more about Bullclip, or get started for free.

More exciting updates are coming shortly. Watch this space.

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