Bullclip update: Design Issue Management

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New in Bullclip: Design Issue Management

Bullclip is changing the way design and engineering teams work together and share design feedback with project stakeholders. The team at Drawboard sees the massive impact Bullclip is having on projects first hand, and so we are driven to continue challenging the status quo.

Drawboard PDF started with your own isolated PDF markups. Bullclip revolutionized markup communication, making it shared and live — always.

We then extended the communication tools beyond just markups with drawing level discussion, and now we are excited to bring an issue resolution workflow to your centralized Bullclip projects.

What’s the problem?

Sitting down and marking up a set of drawings with a pen in hand is the most natural (and enjoyable) way to comment on designs and communicate what needs to change.

Marking up drawings in Bullclip, on a Surface Pro 4

However, printing out a set of drawings, marking up your changes, walking those changes over (or worse, scanning and emailing) to the next reviewer, and then having to check in again when new designs are available to confirm is not an efficient use of anyone’s time 🙅.

Despite the current technology surge throughout design and construction projects, review practices like this are very common and clearly not ideal for producing high quality designs under the pressure of short design cycles.

The outcome is even worse when deadlines are tight and teams are working remotely.

Why do teams still work like this? There are many reasons unique to each situation, however a significant factor is the absence of an alternative compelling enough to make design communication easy for everyone.

Design Issue Management

Through Bullclip we strive to fill that void. So, we are excited to announce Design Issue Management, a brand new piece of functionality that will transform the way teams conduct design reviews.

An issues list for a specific drawing. (web app)

Embedded in Bullclip’s live collaboration platform and combined with our powerful markup tools, Design Issue Management enables team members to create issues found during review, pin them to the relevant location on a drawing for full context, and assign them to team members for immediate resolution regardless of location or device.

Pin issues to drawings for full context (web app).

With context-specific discussion and an in-built notification system, design teams can now get design issues resolved quickly and comprehensively. This ensures the project achieves the best possible outcome, dictated by design quality rather than deadlines.

Communicate over design issues (web app).

Keeping track of the progress of design reviews is near impossible when team members use different tools and work in isolation.

The project Issues Register conveniently tracks every Issue raised on a project regardless of who created them and presents a snapshot of the details, status, assignee, due date and latest response for each issue.

Check the status of all project issues (Windows 10 app).

When coupled with quick filters and search capabilities, it has never been easier to check on the progress of design reviews and ensure designs are delivered to the highest standard.

Filter the issues register to display what you need (Windows 10 app).

Building on Bullclip’s powerful markup tools, real-time sharing, discussion and notifications, Design Issue Management completes the circle for design review in Bullclip.

Bullclip is the only application that truly connects teams around design reviews, while still being easy enough for anyone on your project to adopt. If you are looking for a competitive advantage, be sure to trial Bullclip for your next review and let us know what you think.

Learn more about Bullclip, or get started for free.

More exciting updates are coming shortly. Watch this space.

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