Drawboard Projects Update: Improved project invites, handoff functionality and more!

Matt Richmond on

As we tick over the halfway mark of the year, we are continuing to work hard to make sure you have the best tools available to collaborate with your team.

Last month we released the ability to insert images onto your Drawings and Documents.

This month, from improved invitations to iOS handoff functionality that lets you switch devices and continue working with no delay, we’re excited to share our latest updates with you.

Create blank Documents to sketch on the go

Taking notes is an important part of the markup and review process. Being able to have an empty page to take notes can be a great help during meetings, so we have developed the ability to create blank Documents.

Click here to learn how to create blank documents

iOS invitation improvements

Knowing that we have a lot of teams using their iOS devices to manage their projects, we have made some updates that make it easier to connect with your team members.

On iOS, you can now invite your team to join projects directly from the app, via email, or by using the contacts list on your device.

In addition to this, we have also enabled the ability to open Projects email notification links directly to the relevant location in the iOS app.

Click here to learn more about how to invite team members on iOS

improved invites

Open/close memory and handoff functionality in iOS

Being able to open a project right where you left it, or switch devices with no delay can save a lot of time. In this update, we have enabled both of these features.

Our open/close memory functionality allows you to pick up your work right where you last left off so that you don’t need to spend time opening projects and trying to remember what you were working on before finishing you previous session.

In addition, Apple’s Handoff feature allows you to seamlessly switch between the Web application on your Macbook or Mac and the iOS application on your iPhone or iPad to get your work done faster. Handoff is now available in Drawboard Projects on iOS.

handoff functionality

Click here to learn how to set up Apple Handoff for Projects

Email notification improvements

We have made some improvements to the way we deliver email notifications to make it more clear which projects they are relating to. This will help you keep track of updates if you are working across multiple projects.

Switch between accounts within third party integrations

When you connect Projects to a third party integration, we know that you may have several accounts with that provider that you need to toggle between to access the information that you need.

To assist with this, this update allows you to switch between different accounts on our third party integrations.

Click here to see how to switch accounts via 3rd party integrations

improved integrations

Other improvements

  • We have eliminated a step in the export process. A report of exported files will still be included in the download.
  • General iOS performance improvements
  • Improvements to allow Drawing and Document lists to load much faster and be instantly searchable – even when using offline.
  • Improved inking performance and syncing.

We are constantly working on rolling out updates to Drawboard Projects that will help improve the way that you collaborate with your team. Keep an eye out for our updates over the coming months, as they will be automatically rolled out to your projects.

Drawboard Projects brings handwritten markup to a cloud based team platform accessible on Windows 10, any web browser and iOS. Project teams can see everyone’s markups and annotations in real-time on any PDF drawing or document, wherever they are in the world.

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