Drawboard Projects Update: Insert images

Matt Richmond on

Projects Insert images

We understand that being able to provide visual elements alongside your markups can drastically improve the way that you communicate during the review process.

To aid this, our latest update allows Drawboard Projects users to insert images on Drawings and Documents to add additional context to their reviews, as well as providing further visual content to their project.

Help your team to understand the problem you are working to solve faster by adding images into your projects, and collaborate more effectively.

Throughout the design, engineering and architecture industries, providing this additional context allows team members across any project to gain a deeper understanding of how project elements are connected, which in turn allows for a more efficient design process.

How to access Images in Projects

To add an image to any drawing or document that you are using in Drawboard Projects, navigate to the Insert menu on the right hand side of your screen, and you will see the Image icon. Click the image icon, and then select the image upload method of your choice.

Once inserted, you will be able to position and resize the image on your document using the corners of the image as selection points.

If you need more information on how to Insert images check out our Knowledge Base.

Popular uses of Images within Projects

Images are a great way to highlight some of the more complex details within a project, or to show examples of expected outcomes. Some popular use cases include:

  • Insert screenshots of 3D modelling into a drawing for additional context and detail.
  • Insert images of material samples or products being used.
  • Insert images and screenshots of designs from other projects as references during early design stages.
  • Insert an image of current site conditions or hazards

We are constantly working on rolling out updates to Drawboard Projects that will help improve the way that you collaborate with your team. Keep an eye out for our updates over the coming months, as they will be automatically rolled out to your projects.


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