New in Drawboard PDF: faster startup times, tips and tricks and more.

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The average workday can be filled with to-do lists, deadlines and complex projects that make it harder for you to complete the meaningful work. That’s why we’re always looking for better and faster ways to help you get things done!

Application startup performance

To get you up and running faster, most users will now experience start up speeds of less than 5 seconds.

Still experiencing slow start up times?

  • Ensure your Drawboard PDF application is up to date
  • Close your PDFs (especially large ones) before exiting the app to reduce start up speeds.
  • Ensure Windows is up to date

Tips and tricks

Still exploring what Drawboard PDF can do? You’ll notice that we’re now sharing a series of tips and tricks that will appear when the app is starting up. These will be continually updated so let us know if you have a tip or trick you’d like to share!

Set Drawboard PDF as your default PDF Viewer

Setting Drawboard PDF as your default PDF app isn’t always straightforward. We will now help you do this in-app.

Open Drawboard PDF and select YES when prompted to set Drawboard PDF as your default PDF app. From here, choose Drawboard PDF from the listed options, select OK and check always use this app.

Now whenever you open a PDF file, it will automatically be opened in Drawboard PDF.

Tell us what what you’d like to see improved

Our goal is to make Drawboard a PDF mark up tool that simplifies your workday. We’ve been working on a feature that now lets you raise any issues directly in-app.

Drawboard PDF is rated the #1 productivity app in the Microsoft Store. Drawboard PDF makes PDF markup quick and easy for document-heavy industries such as the legal and consulting.

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