New in Drawboard PDF: July Updates

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At Drawboard, we are constantly working to improve Drawboard PDF so that you can access the functionality that you need to make the paperless office a reality. In our July update, we are excited to be rolling out some exciting new features, as well as a series of improvements based on the feedback you have given us.

Being able to rearrange both working tabs, and pages within documents, as well as adding more functionality to callouts headline our updates. Read all of the details below to learn more.

Re-arrange open document tabs and pages

We know that when you are working with multiple documents you are switching between, sometimes it can be tough to toggle between them. With this update, we are simplifying that process for you.

Our re-arrange open documents update allows you to re-arrange all of your open documents by dragging them, allowing you to put them in the order that is most efficient for your workflow. This can save a lot of time, and streamlines how you manage your open documents.

The second part of this update is re-arranging pages within a document. As you’d expect, this update lets you drag and drop the pages within any open document to allow you to move the pages within a document to be in any order.

Being able to re-arrange pages can save you a lot of time when preparing multi page documents, and allow you to optimize your time. Learn more about re-arranging tabs and pages in our Knowledge Base

Set custom colors for Callouts

When working on marking up a document, it can very easily get cluttered and hard to follow once you add all of your annotations. With our custom colour Callouts, we hope to simplify your notes.

You can now set a fill color for all Callouts in Drawboard PDF, meaning that you can use colors to categorize annotations, making it easy to see how annotations apply to elements within the document.

Callouts are available now in Drawboard PDF PRO. Open Drawboard PDF and start a free 7 day trial of Drawboard PDF PRO today.

Other improvements we’ve made:

  • Improvements to our search tools especially when using the CTRL+F shortcut
  • Fixed a bug that caused unsaved changes to be lost when you closed the wrong document
  • Fixed a bug that caused green and black colour selections to not update when changed
  • Fixed a bug that caused callouts to grow in size when duplicated

To learn more about any of the above updates, visit our Knowledge Base.

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