New in Drawboard Projects: Improved team invitations, imperial measurements and more.

Scott Cooper on

We’re excited to share a few helpful new features to help your team work faster.

Optimized Project invitations

As the working landscape continues to shift and we adapt to new working styles, collaboration continues to be crucial to drive greater team performance and productivity.

That’s why we’ve now made it even easier for you to invite your team to join Drawboard Projects across Windows 10, iOS and web. Within seconds, you can give your team immediate access to Projects so you can begin collaborating with ease and in real-time.

Previously, you needed to enter each invitee email from scratch for every project. Now, you can select team members who are already involved on other projects.

Optimised Project Invitations on Web app. Also available on Windows 10 and iOS.

Imperial measurements

Our latest update also brings the imperial system to measurement tools so you won’t need to waste time converting from other systems.

Other improvements

Across the board

Add a text box fill and callout fill to your documents to make it instantly easier for your team to read and follow along.


  • Edit project member permissions or remove members from the project by swiping left on each member’s name.
  • Edit, share, export, or delete Drawings and Documents by swiping left on each file.
  • Mark up real-time syncing improvements.

Windows 10

  • You can now create a new project within the Windows 10 app!
  • Drag & drop images within your documents.
  • More list management and export options available on Activity, Drawings, Documents, Issues, and Team tabs.
  • Performance improvements on Projects and Organizations lists.

Drawboard Projects brings handwritten markup to a cloud based team platform accessible on Windows 10, any web browser and iOS. Project teams can see everyone’s markups and annotations in real-time on any PDF drawing or document, wherever they are in the world.

Projects is powered by a document management system that is the first of its kind, eliminating the need to print, deal with version control problems, and use disparate systems for markup control.