New in Drawboard Projects: Upload TIFF files, improved sorting and more.

Rachelle McGowan on

Drawboard Projects May Update

Our latest updates have been designed to enhance your experience and help your team work faster.

Upload TIFF files

To save time and by simplifying your file workflow, you can now upload TIFF files to the Drawings area in Drawboard Projects. With 8 file formats now supported, your team can begin collaborating quickly and with ease to focus on the work that matters.

You can upload TIFF files just like you would any PDF and create title block templates to extract drawing metadata.

A simpler way to add, delete and edit tags on Windows 10

Previously tags could only be added in the Drawings and Documents list views. Now, you can edit tags directly in the Information panel of a Drawing or Document

With quicker access to tags, you can add, delete and edit tags within seconds to locate exactly what you need, when you need it.

Add, delete and edit tags on Windows 10

Improved sorting and grouping of issues on iOS

Reviewers can manage project issues more quickly with added functionality to sort and group issues to help sort and track issues across all PDF drawings and documents in the issues list.

Online/offline status on Web

To help you understand whether you’re connected to the network and therefore online or offline, we’ve added some simple notifications and an indicator in Settings that communicates your status. When you’re online, you can be confident that your annotations are syncing in real-time.

Drawboard Projects brings handwritten markup to a cloud based team platform accessible on Windows 10, any web browser and iOS. Project teams can see everyone’s markups and annotations in real-time on any PDF drawing or document, wherever they are in the world.

Projects is powered by a document management system that is the first of its kind, eliminating the need to print, deal with version control problems, and use disparate systems for markup control.