Drawboard Projects vs Bluebeam Studio

Invite any collaborator with zero training required.

Drawboard Projects

Drawboard Projects is a cloud storage and real-time markup platform. All drawings and document are persistently live canvases for multi-user markup and communication.

Bluebeam Studio

Bluebeam Studio is an extension of Bluebeam Revu. Paid or trial users can participate temporary Studio Sessions using local files or those in Studio Project

"Easy to use, best out there, exactly what we were looking for in a digital markup solution"

Easier collaboration

Always-on collaboration by default

Stop thinking about sharing - in Drawboard Projects, your drawings and documents are always available for markup.

Easy for part-time users and guests

Drawboard Projects recognises that your partners don't have time to upskill. They just need to jump in, mark up and jump out.

Replace pen and paper

Drawboard Projects makes the most of pressure sensitive ink on Windows 10 and iOS to replicate the tactile feel of pen and paper.

Compare the pair

Key Features
Drawboard Projects
Bluebeam Studio
Collaboration style
All drawings and documents are persistently live canvases.
Temporary session-based collaboration.
Pressure-sensitive ink
Essential markup tools
No training required
Issue tracking inside drawings
On-drawing discussion
Guest collaborator access
Share link to mark up in web app
Download 30 day trial and create account
Cloud drawing overlays
File storage system
Microsoft Azure
Amazon AWS
Cloud revision management
Perpetual storage of collaborative markups
Session files deleted after 120 days
Document management integrations
App apps included with account
iPad app sold separately
Web app for modern web browsers
Windows 10 app
iPad app
Legacy Windows program
Android app
Automatic major updates
One paid update per year
License type
Login - three concurrent devices
Single machine key
Pay-as-you-go option
Pay upfront option
Support included in license
Coordinate your next project with Drawboard Projects