Integration for Slack

Access what you need and mark up directly from Slack

Drawboard Slack integration

Work where your team works, in Slack.

Drawboard Slack integration

Open PDFs right from the app for Slack. All markups appear in real-time across all devices as you add them.

Turn your PDFs into a real-time canvas

Slack Drawboard Integration

Collaborate right on the canvas, and share your
markups instantly without leaving Slack.

Productivity is just the beginning.

We believe that small changes can make a huge impact on our environment. By using Drawboard PDF, you're playing a part in helping us create a world that works without paper.

All the essentials.

Everything you need to make the switch to a better (and more sustainable) way of working.

Pressure-sensitive ink

Write your notes and feel the tactility of a pen pressed to paper.

Text review tools

Highlight, underline, squiggly or strikethrough to your heart’s content.

Insert objects

Rectangles, ellipses, clouds, polylines, arrows images, callouts - always within arms reach.

Create blank PDFs

Create blank PDFs to take notes or for virtual whiteboarding.

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