Drawboard Projects: The next evolution of Bullclip

Scott Cooper on

Over the past few years Drawboard has been evolving at a rapid pace. We have been very fortunate to be able to work alongside our supportive users to improve all of our products, and provide you with a truly market-leading collaboration solution that makes it easier for all members on a design review to communicate.

With evolution, comes change.

Drawboard Projects

Today we are announcing that Bullclip, our industry-leading collaborative review product, will be renamed to Drawboard Projects.

Drawboard Projects will still contain all of your favourite Bullclip collaborative features such as real-time markup, raising Issues, Guest Access, project Activity Feeds, and all of the best-in-class ink tools to which you’ve become accustomed. The change will be seamless for all current Bullclip users with no updates required.

A legacy of impact

Bullclip started as our commitment to supporting the design and construction industry, and has had a major impact across some of leading companies, such as Hassell.

Hassell uses Drawboard Projects, formerly Bullclip, to coordinate design review on across 70 designers, multiple offices and hundreds of drawings. For Hassell, it all comes down to a culture where easy collaboration is the norm, not the exception, and the whole team benefits.

“Our ideas don’t come from any one person, it’s focussed on collaborative design where everyone has a say. A successful team designs with others in mind and works together. It’s making sure everyone is involved in the process, and not just working in a siloed environment.”  

Harvey Vincent, Principal at Hassell

As we move forward with the growth of Drawboard as a company, you can continue to expect more improvements to both Drawboard Projects and Drawboard PDF to ensure that you are equipped with the best in class tools when it comes to PDF markup and collaboration.

As part of this update we’re rolling out some exciting new features Including:

Blank Documents

You can now create blank documents through the web version of Projects, rather that starting by uploading a document. This will be released across other platforms in the near future. You can access all of your favorite document annotations and features with blank documents, as well as share and collaborate with your team.

Activity feed on iOS

Keep track of important updates to your projects with our Activity feed. Now available on all devices, click the Activity feed in our menu bar to see all updates to your documents, notes, raised issues and more.

Improved User Experience

We’ve been listening to your feedback and have made improvements to our user experience across all elements of Drawboard Projects to make it easier for you to use the tools you need.

We are constantly working on rolling out updates to Drawboard Projects that will help improve the way that you collaborate with your team. Keep an eye out for our updates over the coming months, as they will be automatically rolled out to your projects.

A new season

No matter the industry you are operating within, if you are collaborating on documents Drawboard Projects can help you streamline the process by enabling you to discuss changes and track updates in real time.

Save time and start working towards being a paperless office, while promoting collaboration.