Mark up drawings and documents while offline using Drawboard Projects

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use drawboard projects offline

One of the best things about working with digital drawings and documents is that you can take entire drawing sets with you on any device – no more lugging around giant rolls of paper. When you are offline regularly as a frequent flyer or working on projects in remote areas, this can make a drastic improvement to the way that you work.

But what happens if you are going to be flying or working in a location so remote that you don’t have internet access?

As more and more oganizations across the architectural, design and construction industry adopt Drawboard Projects to streamline their workflows and review processes, this is a question we are asked on a regular basis.

To answer simply, yes Drawboard Projects does work offline – on our Windows 10 and iOS apps. The web application will not work offline as browsers aren’t made to hold enough temporary storage to make this feasible.

How to get started working offline

Drawboard Projects doesn’t require you to download the entire project straight to your device to be able to enable offline usage. You can still download an entire project, but you can also download each individual drawing or document as you view it. Just selectively pick the items you want to download so you can view them at a later time.

Once downloaded to the device, the PDF and all annotations downloaded at the point of last viewing will be available to work with while offline so that you can continue to work uninterrupted.

This ensures that on both sides of the spectrum you:

  • Are not stuck waiting forever for your project to download every time you log in to a new device, and
  • Avoid using up all of your hard drive storing drawings and documents that you don’t need to access.

It also makes it easy for teams to synchronize all the items they need to work on before going heading out to site or stepping onto a flight.

Accessing offline drawings and documents

Once downloaded, you can disconnect your device from the network with confidence and have complete access to all drawings indicated by the green download status.

While offline you won’t be continuing to receive any of your team’s real-time updates, just as they won’t be able to see what you are doing while working offline.

However, any markups you add while offline will queue to the device and be automatically synchronized with the whole team automatically as soon as your device is connected back to the internet.

Learn more about how to work offline with Drawboard Projects over at our Knowledge Base.

There’s no reason to carry around those annoying and bulky paper copies of your drawings anymore thanks to the collaborative tools available in Drawboard Projects.

Everyone on your team from juniors through to Directors can now access the documents they need to review – no matter where they are in the world, with or without an internet connection.

Drawboard Projects brings handwritten markup to a cloud based team platform accessible on Windows 10, any web browser and iOS. Project teams can see everyone’s markups and annotations in real-time on any PDF drawing or document, wherever they are in the world.

Projects is powered by a document management system that is the first of its kind, eliminating the need to print, deal with version control problems, and use disparate systems for markup control.